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Boob Armour protecting women in sport



Ever heard of Boob Armour? Maybe you haven’t, but their product is taking the sporting world by storm.

The aim is to protect women’s breasts, preventing injury to females playing impact and hard-ball sports.

Founder and Director Suzie Betts recently appeared on Ticker News to detail why – and how – the idea for the product came about.

“Research shows that impact to the breasts can result in deep bruising,” Betts states. “This can form hard lumps in the breast tissue.

“This all came about after a personal matter in 2018, when I found lumps.”

“After speaking with my children, who also play sports, I came up with the idea.”

Betts also contends there has been an underestimation of the issue.

“People are really unaware of it,” she argues. “There isn’t a lot of knowledge to ask about this.

“Trainers are more concerned about a shoulder, knee or elbow, but not their boobs.”

“It really has been a forgotten market.”

The founder also revealed she needs to show medical evidence as to why the product is so important to females playing sport.

“Being a women, it has been hard to get that message across, and I’ve had to show them the evidence.”

For more information, or to purchase the product, head to the Boob Armour website.

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Diversifying and enhancing payment methods



American Express reveals Australian homeowner bill payment insights

In response to the growing trend of card and tap-and-go payments, organisations are adapting their systems to accommodate diverse payment options.

American Express recently conducted research shedding light on homeowner sentiments towards local councils, with a focus on Australian attitudes and behaviours related to bill payments.

Vice President and General Manager of Global merchant services at American Express, Robert Tedesco, provides his insights.

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What can leaders do to overcome the innovation crisis?



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As the global business landscape evolves at an unprecedented pace, companies that fail to innovate risk facing obsolescence and dwindling competitiveness.

New research by Miro has revealed that Australian businesses in particular are shying away from innovation due to economic uncertainty, fear, and outdated business practices.

David Oakley, the Head of APAC at Miro delves into the innovation crisis within Australia.

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Explosive growth and dominance of the audio industry



Global radio market hits staggering $143 billion valuation, cementing audio industry’s dominance

The audio industry continues to assert itself as a formidable force, with the 2023 global radio market reaching a substantial value of $143 billion.

The podcast market has surged to an impressive worth of $18.52 billion, showcasing a compound annual growth rate of 27.6%.

Tony Simmons, CEO and founder of Sonnant, discusses how the audio industry can be made even better.

Presented by VentureCrowd – To find out more about Conscious Investing, head to

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