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Boob Armour protecting women in sport



Ever heard of Boob Armour? Maybe you haven’t, but their product is taking the sporting world by storm.

The aim is to protect women’s breasts, preventing injury to females playing impact and hard-ball sports.

Founder and Director Suzie Betts recently appeared on Ticker News to detail why – and how – the idea for the product came about.

“Research shows that impact to the breasts can result in deep bruising,” Betts states. “This can form hard lumps in the breast tissue.

“This all came about after a personal matter in 2018, when I found lumps.”

“After speaking with my children, who also play sports, I came up with the idea.”

Betts also contends there has been an underestimation of the issue.

“People are really unaware of it,” she argues. “There isn’t a lot of knowledge to ask about this.

“Trainers are more concerned about a shoulder, knee or elbow, but not their boobs.”

“It really has been a forgotten market.”

The founder also revealed she needs to show medical evidence as to why the product is so important to females playing sport.

“Being a women, it has been hard to get that message across, and I’ve had to show them the evidence.”

For more information, or to purchase the product, head to the Boob Armour website.

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The year ahead in high-growth WealthTech



Unique opportunities to bring positive impact through tech-led conscious Investing

In recent months, traditional private capital markets have pulled back, causing concern for investors seeking investment opportunities. However, there is good news from the team at digital investment platform VentureCrowd, which has seen a remarkable 100% year-on-year growth.

VentureCrowd offers investors the chance to invest in various sectors, such as renewable energy, healthcare, and education. The platform’s focus on conscious investing has attracted a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to making a positive impact with their investments.

According to CEO Steve Maarbani, VentureCrowd is taking things a step further by offering investors the opportunity to own a slice of the high-growth WealthTech business. This move will not only enable investors to support conscious investment opportunities but also benefit from the growth potential of a leading digital investment platform.

Funding Futures together with VentureCrowd, To find out more about Conscious Investing head to


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Earning cash and keeping it



Understanding what we gain by learning risk and seeking reward

It’s no secret that what goes up must come down. Dr Steve Enticott outlines how Investment booms eventually come to an end, and those who have not diversified their portfolios are at risk of losing everything. He stressed the importance of moving into a fear mindset and diversifying investments across multiple asset classes to protect oneself against market downturns.

One way to achieve this is by putting money into structures like retirement funds or family trusts, which offer some protection against market fluctuations. Dr. Enticott also encouraged investors to be mindful of their psychology and not let fear and greed dictate their investment decisions.

In conclusion, while taking risks and being optimistic can lead to success, it is equally important to be mindful of market fluctuations and diversify investments to protect against potential losses.

Money Matters is presented by CIA tax

Learn more ➡️

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The critical shift set to secure digital business



New Coordinator role for Cybersecurity sector set to lead Australia’s efforts to combat digital threats

The recent announcement of a newly created role of coordinator for cybersecurity and the establishment of a National Office for Cybersecurity within the Department of Home Affairs has been welcomed by many in the digital business community.

This move is a crucial step in ensuring that Australia’s businesses are better protected from cyber threats, which have become increasingly sophisticated and prevalent in recent years.

Kurt Hansen is CEO of Australia’s largest ASX listed cybersecurity company Tesserent, as a full-service cybersecurity and cloud services provider, Hansen outlines how this update will go about fortifying Australian business into the future.

The creation of the National Office for Cybersecurity is a significant development in Australia’s efforts to secure the a place in the ever-expanding digital landscape.

The office will be responsible for coordinating the country’s cybersecurity efforts and will work closely with businesses, government agencies, and other stakeholders to identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks. It will also develop and implement policies and guidelines to ensure that businesses and organisations are better prepared to respond to cyber attacks.

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