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REVEALED – how scammers stole over $1bn in crypto



bitcoin privacy update to protect against ransomware attacks

STAY SAFE – tens of thousands of people have reported losing millions in crypto scams

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has revealed close to $50,000 people have reported losing over $1 billion in since the beginning of last year.

The commission believe scammers stole Over $1 Billion in Crypto.

That’s about one out of every four dollars reported lost, more than any other payment method.

The researcher added that the median individual reported loss is close to $3,000 dollars.

The top cryptocurrencies people said they used to pay scammers were bitcoin but tether and ether contributed to roughly 20 per cent too.

The regulator further explained that nearly half the people who reported losing crypto to a scam since last year said it started with “an ad, post, or message on a social media platform.”

The top platforms reported by investors were Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram.

Most of the crypto fraud losses that began on social media are investment scams, with Romance scams coming in second in reported crypto losses.

People ages 20 to 49 were more likely to have reported losing cryptocurrency to a scammer, with those in their 30s being hit the hardest


FTX Bankman-Fried now “living on credit cards”



1 million creditors

Sam Bankman-Fried, the former boss of collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, has denied committing fraud.

In a series of interviews to news agencies including the New York Times, ABC America and CNBC, the man once hailed as the ‘King of Crypto’ says he had a bad month and is almost broke.

FTX fell apart last month, having once been valued at $32bn.

Many investors have not been able to withdraw their funds from the now-bankrupt global exchange.

30-year-old Bankman-Fried has apologised to investors.

He denied having moved any personal money out of FTX himself – saying he now has “close to nothing.”

Speaking from The Bahamas, he said he had one credit card left.

In the interview, he said he had not deliberately misled investors.

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Crypto’s Kraken slashes 30 percent of workforce



One of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, Kraken, is laying off about 30% of its headcount, more than a thousand people.

The company’s co-founder and CEO Jesse Powell says the cuts are being made “in order to adapt to current market conditions.”

Powell wrote in a blog post that slowing growth, prompted by “macroeconomic and geopolitical factors,” had muted customer demand.

Powell says:

“We had to grow fast, more than tripling our workforce in order to provide those clients with the quality and service they expect of us,”

“I remain extremely bullish on crypto and Kraken.”

Crypto exchanges have been buffeted by withdrawals and regulatory scrutiny after the implosion of FTX, which is now spreading to other crypto exchanges.

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Crypto companies on the verge of collapse



The collapse of crypto empire FTX has sent shockwaves right around the world, with many questioning the future of digital coins

Now, one Australian company is feeling the pinch.

Brisbane-based ‘Digital Surge’ says it will halt all withdrawals, citing the “greatly upsetting” news FTX is in administration.

Digital Surge allows investors to trade cryptocurrencies in a number of different ways, including through self-managed super funds.

CEO Dan Rutter says his company “operates as a broker and is committed to facilitating the best trade for users at any time”.

This means a portion of assets are actually held by trading partners.

FTX was one of these trading partners and as a result, Rutter says the company isn’t currently able to operate “business as usual”.

Withdrawals have already been blocked for over a week. The CEO says the company is still solvent and this is all related to short-term liquidity challenges.

Adding, “until a permanent solution has been implemented, it is a legal requirement for Digital Surge to suspend all deposits and withdrawals”.

But the company remains tight-lipped about how many customers are affected and what exposure it had to FTX.

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