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Amber Heard can’t afford to pay Johnny Depp $10.4m, as she plans her appeal



Just when you thought the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard saga had been laid to rest, Heard has decided to appeal the decision

Millions waited with bated breath as the jury ruled in Depp’s favour awarding him $15 million in damages.

Now, Heard is “absolutely” appealing the decision.

Her lawyers say she has “excellent ground” to do so.

Heard’s main attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, says the “pro-Depp” social media wrath influenced the jury’s decision.

She also claims the TV broadcast of the trial “made it a zoo”.

“So not only did we have a group of Depp fans that were there every day — 100 were allowed in, they lined up at 1 o’clock in the morning for their wristbands to be in that courtroom — but we had everything on camera, and we had tremendous social media that was very, very, very much against Amber.”

Although the jury was told repeatedly not to read anything about the case, they have weekends, they have families, they have social media. How could they not have been influenced?”

Elaine Bredehoft

Heard’s lawyers also claim important evidence including medical records was suppressed by Depp’s team.

They claim Heard has been wrongly done by and will now plan the appeal process.

In the verdict from Virginia, the jury found that Depp also defamed Heard when his previous lawyers labeled Heard’s claims a hoax, with the jury awarding her $2 million.

This means that Heard still owes Depp a sum of $10.4 million.

When asked about whether Heard can pay the millions in damages she now owes Depp, Bredehoft responded saying “absolutely not.”

Back in 2020, Depp previously lost a similar trial against Heard in the UK, where he was accused of assaulting Heard.

Holly is an anchor and reporter at Ticker. She's experienced in live reporting, and has previously covered the Covid-19 pandemic on-location. She's passionate about telling stories in business, climate and health.

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Cameras catch Ben Affleck ‘miserable’ at Grammys



The Grammy Awards made history but through it all, one actor stole the show for looking miserable

CBS’ cameras repeatedly caught Affleck looking bored sitting next to wife Jennifer Lopez during the show.

Many Grammy watchers noted how Affleck seemingly wanted to be anywhere but at the event, even whilst watching Stevie Wonder crush “Higher Ground”.

Online people loved it – one user writing ‘Ben Affleck is every husband dragged to a work thing by his wife’.

And at some point, after more than three hours of jokes, acceptance speeches and live performances, Ben Affleck got to go home.

The tense exchange begins with Ben whispering into J.Lo’s ear, only for her to jerk away and seemingly snap at him in response.

PR stunt or genuine married couple life? Either way, the producers got a very nice close up.

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Viola Davis achieves coveted ‘EGOT’ honour



Actress Viola Davis has won her first Grammy Award, for her memoir audiobook, “Finding Me”.

The 57-year-old has now become the 18th person to achieve the coveted EGOT status – which involves winning an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony Award.

“It has just been such a journey,” Davis said in accepting the award. “I just EGOT!”

Davis is the fourth Black person, alongside Whoopi Goldberg, John Legend and Jennifer Hudson to claim the honour.

Stars are still dazzling on the red carpet like Taylor Swift in a midnight blue gown.

Comedian Trevor Noah hosts the ceremony for the third year running, so expect some humour amongst the performances from some of music’s biggest names.

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TICKER NEWS will soon land on FETCH TV



Next-gen news streamer TICKER NEWS is about to arrive on Fetch TV, bringing Australian audiences more live news and original programs.

TICKER will be available as a live network as part of the Fetch aggregation platform’s push into Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST).

TICKER CEO Ahron Young says:
“This is an incredible moment for the TICKER team and a great achievement. Since our launch in 2019, we’ve been focused on building a leading FAST news streaming network, and we are tremendously proud to be embraced by the team at FETCH.”

The addition to Fetch comes at an exciting time for the platform, which will soon become the new platform for Telstra TV.

Fetch TV currently has around 670,000 active subscribers, and Telstra TV has 800,000, cementing TICKER”s position as the next-generation news channel for Australians.

Accessible from the TV Guide, TICKER NEWS will be available to Fetch customers on their TV and on the Fetch Mobi App from March 1, 2023.

TICKER NEWS broadcasts globally around the clock, spearheaded by a team of award-winning journalists and international correspondents.

TICKER produces headline news and analysis with newsmakers at the top of each hour, with reports from correspondents Veronica Dudo in New York, Ryan Thompson in Paris and Adam Hancock Singapore.

In time for the launch on FETCH, TICKER NEWS will unveil a series of original programs, including Great Business Leaders and Billionaire Blowups, and a new program hosted by AFL legend Chris Judd.

Through TICKER NEWS Insights, host Mike Loder interviews global entrepreneurs and business leaders – giving them a unique platform to share their story.

TICKER CEO Ahron Young says:
“We are proud to call Australia home. Together with our distribution arrangement with Telstra TV and Flash News, TICKER has cemented its place as a fresh new voice for Australian audiences, who seek more fact-based news and less opinion.”

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