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Trapped 17-year-old rescued 10 days after Turkey earthquake



A 17-year-old girl has been rescued after 10 days trapped under rubble in Turkey’s Kahramanmaras province.

As the death toll from the devastating earthquake in the country and neighbouring Syria surpassed 42,000.

The girl was extracted from the ruins of a collapsed apartment bloc, before being covered in a gold thermal blanket and carried away, 248 hours after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck in the dead of night on February 6.

Huseyin Berber, a 62-year-old diabetic man, was rescued Wednesday in the southern coastal city of Mersin.

He survived nine days under the rubble of his home by drinking his own urine.

“Finally, I saw that a hole in the debris. When I heard the sounds of rescuers, I shouted too. I shouted so loud that they heard my voice. Someone reached their hand out and it met with my hand. After that, they pulled me out from there.”

But such rescues have become increasingly rare, leaving sorrow to mount as hope dies.

Neither Turkey nor Syria have said how many people are missing.

For families still waiting to retrieve their lost relatives, there is growing anger over what they see as corrupt building practices and deeply flawed urban development that resulted in thousands of homes and businesses disintegrating.

Across the border in Syria, the earthquake slammed a region divided and devastated by 12 years of civil war.

The aid effort has been hampered by the conflict there and many people in the rebel-held northwest feel abandoned as relief supplies since the quake have almost invariably headed to other parts of the sprawling disaster zone.

Fifteen Qatari aid trucks arrived in the rebel-held town of Afrin to offer some relief, bringing desperately needed food, medicines and tents.

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How to make your money work for you over the next decade



With high interest rates, persistent inflation, and a tight labor market—the next decade is expected to be very different from the last 10 years.

Companies and households around the world are still trying to get back to pre-pandemic economic outputs and lifestyles.

So, how can people successfully invest and better manage their personal finances?

James Faris, an Investing Reporter with Insider joins Veronica Dudo to discuss. #InAmericaToday #featured #money #finance #economy #investing

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Parents buying houses for their adult children



Rise in parents purchasing homes for adult children sparks concerns

A growing trend of parents buying houses for their adult children is causing a stir, raising questions about the potential downsides of such arrangements. While the gesture may seem benevolent, experts warn of the pitfalls associated with this practice.

Financial advisors express concerns about the impact on both generations’ financial independence. By providing ready-made homes, parents might inadvertently hinder their children’s ability to learn crucial financial lessons, such as budgeting, mortgage management, and property ownership responsibilities.

The trend also sparks debates on the long-term implications for the housing market. Critics argue that such parental interventions can distort property prices and exacerbate existing affordability challenges, particularly for younger individuals aspiring to enter the property market independently.

There’s a call for a broader societal discussion on the balance between parental support and fostering financial autonomy. While the intention is often rooted in care, the unintended consequences of sheltering adult children from financial realities are prompting a reassessment of this well-meaning practice.

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Victoria’s Secret criticized for trans woman’s apology



Victoria’s Secret is facing backlash after issuing an apology to a transgender woman who had a negative experience while trying on bras at one of their stores.

The incident has ignited a debate about inclusivity and sensitivity in the fashion industry.

The controversy began when the trans woman, who remains anonymous, visited a Victoria’s Secret store to shop for bras. She reported feeling uncomfortable and discriminated against by store staff.

In response to her complaint, Victoria’s Secret issued an apology, acknowledging the incident and expressing their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

However, the apology itself has come under fire from both supporters and critics.

Some argue that the brand’s apology is insincere and merely an attempt to save face, while others believe it is a step in the right direction towards a more inclusive shopping experience for all customers.

The incident raises important questions about how brands should handle situations involving discrimination and whether their apologies are genuine or performative.

It also highlights the ongoing challenges faced by transgender individuals when accessing spaces traditionally designed for cisgender customers.

As the fashion industry continues to evolve, many are calling for a deeper examination of inclusivity and sensitivity, not just in policies but in practice.

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