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Robinhood surge: Gamestop 2.0?



Robinhood was off to a rocky start last week on its first day of trading, but its fortunes have turned

Shares in Robinhood have surged, climbing as much as 82 per cent. The volatility led to Nasdaq pausing trading several times to accomodate for the wild price swings.

It comes less than a week after the Californian-based company listed in a disappointing IPO. The app’s commission-free transactions has attracted investors who have ample time and money to spare during the pandemic.

Yesterday’s gains have lifted the platform’s market valuation above hundreds of blue-chip companies such as Ford and Heinz.

Social media frenzy

But this week’s reversal reflects retail investors embracing the stock on social media and the availability of options tied to Robinhood’s shares. There is speculation the firm could be seeing the same frenzied trading that surrounded the video game retailer Gamestop.

Momentum has also sped up as some big-name investors have bought in. this includes Cathie Wood, who manages the investment fund Ark Invest.

There was “considerable cheering for Cathie” Wood on Reddit said Ivan Cosovic, founder of Breakout Point.

Cathie Wood, pro stock-picker and founder of $60 billion ARK Invest,

Meme stocks

Robinhood is a trading hub for meme stocks, which blew up earlier this year. Users of the platform used social media platforms such as Reddit to organise buying up stocks from GameStop and AMC.

Mentions of ‘Robinhood’ blew up on Reddit yesterday morning. Investors rallied around the goal of a $60 share price, a huge jump from $35.15 on Friday.

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IRS to require facial recognition in order to file and pay taxes



A major shake-up is coming to the way US citizens file their taxes

Citizens that file their taxes online tax will soon be required to submit a selfie to a third-party identity verification company using facial recognition tech in order to file their taxes or make IRS payments online.

According to Gizmodo, from this summer, online users with an account will no longer be able to log in with a simple username and password.

The new process will instead involve facial recognition. Users will need to provide a government identification document, a selfie, and copies of their bills to Virginian-based identity verification firm to confirm who they are.

That change, first noticed by Krebs on Security, marks a major shift for the IRS which previously allowed users to file their taxes without submitting personal biometric data.

Gizmodo reports that a statement from an IRS spokesperson said users can still receive basic information from the IRS website without logging in, however the representative added they would need to sign in through to make and view payments, access tax records, view or create payment plans, manage communications preference, or view tax authorisations.

Users attempting to log in to their accounts using will have to create an account with the company by uploading either a driver’s license, passport, or passport card.

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The international airlines suspending US flights



Emirates has announced that it is suspending a majority of flights to the United States due to the planned launch of 5G

Flights are suspended to all destinations in the United States, except major cities including Los Angeles, New York and Washington.

Due to operational concerns associated with the planned deployment of 5G mobile network services in the US at certain airports

EMIRATES SAID in a memo to employees

Air India, All Nippon Airways, and Japan Airlines, have all suspended most routes to the United States as well.

This follows the world’s largest telecommunications company AT&T announcing it will delay the implementation of its 5G service at some airports in the United States.

This is all in response to CEOs of America’s largest airlines warning of a major disruption to travel and shipping if the service is rolled out. 

In an open letter, the executives call for 5G technology to be limited near US airports.

In the statement, the CEOs are requesting a limit on 5G within 2 miles of airport runways as defined by the FAA

It says “Immediate intervention is needed to avoid significant operational disruption to air passengers, shippers, supply chain and delivery of needed medical supplies”.

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Airline CEOs warn of major 5G disruption near airports



CEO’s of America’s largest airlines are warning of a major disruption to travel and shipping

They’re calling for 5G technology to be limited near U.S airports

In an open letter also signed by shipping giants FedEec and UPS, the CEO’s wrote with urgency to request a limit on 5G within 2 miles of airport runways as defined by the FAA

The say that “Immediate intervention is needed to avoid significant operational disruption to air passengers, shippers, supply chain and delivery of needed medical supplies”

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