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Exclusive – who is responsible for Shireen Abu Akleh’s death?



A Reporter says it appears that the ammunition that killed her belongs to an M16 gun

A Veteran Palestinian Al Jazeera journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh, has been shot dead while covering an Israeli army raid on a refugee camp in the West Bank. 

Who shot Abu Akleh?

There have been conflicting reports as to whether the Israeli army or Palestinian gunmen are responsible for the shooting.

Israel’s military’s Chief of Staff says it’s not yet determined which direction she was shot from, and has promised an investigation.

The Palestinian side is currently conducting an investigation to discover who is responsible for the 51-year-old’s death.

According to Middle East Reporter Adi Koplewitz, who has covered news in Israel, the west bank and the wider middle east, the type of ammunition will reveal who will be held accountable for this tragedy.

“It seems that the ammunition belongs to an M16 gun.”

He tells ticker news.

However, that does not provide a lot of information on who is responsible, as this is the most common gun used by both Palestinian militants and the Israeli military in these areas.

“So right now, it’s hard to tell if there ever will be a final concrete answer to who actually shot that bullet,” he says.

Image provided by REUTERS news

What does this mean for journalists on the ground in these areas?

Koplewitz says this event will deter journalists from arriving at these friction points in the future.

“The realisation of something like that happening to someone so professional, who has worked for so many years in dangerous zones is definitely shaking for journalists,” he says.

“But at the end of the day, this is where we belong and this is where we should be on the ground.”

Since Shireen Adi Koplewitz was wearing her full media vest, is it possible she was a target?

According to Koplewitz, it’s hard to believe that both Palestinians and the Israeli military would target a journalist on purpose.

“Even if it’s just for the cynical perspective of realising how bad the PR would be for both sides,”

he says.
Image provided by REUTERS news

Will Abu Akleh’s death lead to further unrest between Palestinians and Israelis?

Koplewitz says that there’s been a rise in tensions between Israel and the Palestinians in the last few weeks, these are very difficult times and they are seeing more casualties on both sides taking place.

“[The funeral] is going to be a very big event and we know that similar funerals of casualties from the Palestinian side have many times being the beginning of another escalation, as emotions are obviously very high,” he says.

“All that is needed for a complete flare up is one spark and that spark could definitely be taking place tomorrow at the funeral here in Jerusalem.”

Abu Akleh’s field producer was also shot and remains in a stable condition.

Eyewitnesses say the journalists were shot by Israeli troops and that there were no Palestinian militants anywhere near the journalists that would prompt such an attack.

Protestors gathered on the streets to condemn the shooting.

Savannah Pocock contributed to the report.


Netflix axes over 100 jobs as streamer deals with performance crisis



The World’s largest streaming service is taking refuge in new cost cutting measures

Netflix is sacking 150 employees across the company with most of the cuts happening in the United States.

“These changes are primarily driven by business needs rather than individual performance, which makes them especially tough as none of us want to say goodbye to such great colleagues,”

the company said in a statement.

It comes after the company recorded a large fall in subscribers, for the first time in a decade.   

The news sparked an investor sell-off, with the firm’s stock plunging 35% in one day.

The layoffs represent only 2 per cent of the company’s total staff.

Netflix also plans on introducing ads as a way of building revenue.

It also wants to tackle password sharing privileges to compensate for lower revenues.

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Snapchat co-creator and supermodel pay student loans for graduating class



Student loans still get the better of most of us, a pesky debt that hurts the hip pocket

But one graduating class got the ultimate graduation gift

Otis College of Art and Design in Downtown LA got their student loans paid by off by Snapchat co-creator Evan Spiegel and his wife and supermodel Miranda Kerr.

The president of the art college announced the gift as the single largest donation in the history of Otis College.

The previous largest gift to the school was for $10 million and the screams from the students show how much it means to them.

The president says student debt weights heavily on talented graduates and the couple’s donation will be life-changing for the Class of 2022.

Spiegel created the popular instant messaging app with two former Stanford University classmates.

The snapchat co-creator took summer classes at Otis during high school and wanted to give back to the arts college.

Spiegel and wife Miranda were given honorary degrees at the college.

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Queen Elizabeth makes surprise appearance



Royal enthusiasts were delighted to see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth make yet another surprise appearance, despite suffering from ongoing mobility issues

Elizabeth attended the opening ceremony of a new London train line which has been named in her honour.

Elizabeth can be seen wearing a bright yellow coat and hat, attending the event alongside her youngest son Edward and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Unveiling a plaque at Paddington Station, it comes after the Queen missed the opening of parliament for the first time since 1963.

Buckingham Palace says she is continuing to suffer from “episodic mobility issues”.

In October, the royal spent a night in hospital for an unspecified illness.

The $24 billion rail project was originally due to be opened back in December 2018, but has been plagued by delays.

The Elizabeth line will connect areas of west of London, including Heathrow airport and Reading.

Johnson says it’s “wonderful” to see the queen open the train line, adding she was in “such fine form”.

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