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The home of Australia’s crocodile hunter is stepping into the world of digital art



Australia Zoo is launching a ‘Wildlife Warriors’ NFT, in a bid to raise awareness and funds for the world’s species

The venture is in partnership with the startup company Meadow Labs, and will focus on a variety of animals at the zoo.

“At Australia Zoo we’re always open to new ways that can help continue our Wildlife Warriors mission,” says Robert Irwin, who is the son of the iconic crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin.

The limited series will be created on Algorand, which is a proof-of-stake blockchain crypto protocol.

“Any innovation that can help our conservation efforts, particularly one that shares our vision of protecting the planet, is something we’re thrilled to support.”

“This green chain and new technology allows us a new avenue to continue to fight for the protection of our wildlife and wild places.” Irwin says.

They NFTs will be randomly generated and 100 per cent unique to the buyer. This means there will be no duplicates in sight.

“It’s fantastic to see Australia Zoo and Meadow Labs bring wildlife conservation fundraising to the Algorand blockchain, as it really fits in with our core value of sustainability,” says Adriana Belotti from Algorand.

“I’m sure that collecting these NFTs will resonate with everyone who has a soft spot for the iconic Aussie wildlife, both here and abroad,” she added.

The transactions are processed through a ‘smart contract’ in which 100 per cent of primary sales are automatically transferred to Australia Zoo.

The NFTs be available globally and available for purchase with via MoonPay.

Costa is a news producer at ticker NEWS. He has previously worked as a regional journalist at the Southern Highlands Express newspaper. He also has several years' experience in the fire and emergency services sector, where he has worked with researchers, policymakers and local communities. He has also worked at the Seven Network during their Olympic Games coverage and in the ABC Melbourne newsroom. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts (Professional), with expertise in journalism, politics and international relations. His other interests include colonial legacies in the Pacific, counter-terrorism, aviation and travel.

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Celsius Network propped up token with investor money



It’s been revealed crypto lender Celsius used investor money and customer deposits to prop up its own token and inflate its balance sheet

Celsius gathered crypto deposits from retail customers and invested them in the wholesale crypto market.

It raised some of the initial capital to fund its business by creating and then selling its own crypto token.

Celsius filed for bankruptcy in July last year, after freezing customer withdrawals from its platform.

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Binance & Mastercard to launch prepaid crypto card in Brazil



Binance has launched a prepaid crypto card in Brazil in partnership with Mastercard

The card will be available to all Binance users in Brazil with a valid national ID, and allow them to make payments and pay bills with 13 cryptocurrencies.

The product is now in a soft-launch phase and “will be widely available in the coming weeks”.

Brazilian consumers are popular crypto users, as nearly half have made made at least one crypto transaction in the past year.

This isn’t the only South American nation to have the partnership between the two financial giants, as Argentina also has a similar offering.

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South Korea to introduce virtual asset tracking system for crypto



The South Korean Ministry of Justice has announced it is introducing a ‘virtual asset tracking system’

The aim will be to strengthen the tracking of money laundering and recovery of criminal proceeds using cryptocurrency.

Three-quarters of illegal foreign exchange transactions in South Korea are crypto-related.

The ministry will use the tracking system to check and monitor transaction records, extract details on the relationship between transactions, and confirm fund sources before and after transfers.

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