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Everything Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Unpacked event



What’s next for Samsung? All is revealed in New York

Samsung has just wrapped up its latest Galaxy Unpacked event, in New York.

The event saw the release of two new foldable phones, new smartwatches, and an update to the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Taking a look at the Galaxy Z Flip 4, Samsung hasn’t changed the overall design, but new features include the ability to see selfie previews on the cover screen and fast charging.

The Fold also has a new 50-megapixel main camera and a slimmer hinge.

But there’s still a gap when the phone is folded closed, so Samsung hasn’t achieved full foldable flatness just yet.

At a slightly higher cost, there’s the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

This design remains largely the same, but Samsung has made some big changes to the cameras.

It’s available from August 26 a pre-orders are available now.

What’s probably most interesting about this latest product launch is Samsung’s wearables push.

At the Unpacked event, the tech giant finally unveiled its Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

After serious battery life complaints, the new devices both boast bigger batteries, faster charging, and increased durability.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is the premium version, made for those who love the great outdoors.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro have a fresh design.

Coming in at 15 percent smaller than the originals, they have support a 24-bit hi-fi audio over Bluetooth.

Of course, these updates have a higher price tag attached, with the Buds coming in at around 230 U.S. dollars.

Also of note is Samsung’s sustainability push.

The company gave an insight into how it’s incorporating recycled materials into their new offerings.

Recycled fishing nets are now used to make the Z-series foldable phones and the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

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Meta to launch microblogging competitor in wake of Twitter backlash



The recent backlash against Musk’s proposed tweet cap could prove to be the perfect time to launch the competitor 

Meta Platforms, the company behind Facebook, plans to launch a microblogging app called Threads on Thursday, to operate as a direct competitor to Twitter.

The launch comes just days after Twitter boss Elon Musk attracted criticism by announcing limits to how many posts users could read on the platform.

Threads will allow users to directly port their followers from Instagram, another app owned by the company, and to keep the same username. This feature will allow users to supercharge the often slow process of building a following on the new site.

While other apps such as Mastodon and Blue Sky have failed to present much of a challenge to Twitter, Threads is launching after a period of intense criticism and scepticism of Twitter, which followed Musk’s US$44 billion purchase of the platform in 2022.

Musk has made significant staffing cuts in areas like content moderation which has caused a rift with advertisers. He has also implemented several elements such as an US$8 per month account verification system which has proved unpopular with users.

Instagram boasts roughly 2.3 billion users compared to Twitter’s almost 400 million, which poses a significant user advantage from which to draw from.

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Why is OpenAI’s ChatGPT being sued in the United States?



OpenAI sued for stealing everything anyone has ever written on the Internet

A class action lawsuit has been filed against OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT.

The suit claims that the company’s ‘AI’ training methods violate the privacy and copyright of numerous individuals who have shared content online.

So, what does this mean for new breakthrough ‘AI’ programs and software?

Oz Sultan, the Chief Strategist with the Sultan Interactive Group joins us to discuss. #ai #artificialintelligence #tech #technology #openai #chatgpt

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