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Successful SpaceX flight fuelling tensions between billionaires space race



The successful test flight of Elon Musk’s SpaceX starship is a major milestone for private space exploration.

But tensions continue to fuel with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, as his rival company Blue origin battles to send people to the moon too.

After 4 failed attempts that even ended in explosions… Elon Musk’s SpaceX has finally landed its futuristic starship

The Tesla CEO wants to land astronauts on the moon and send people to Mars.

This is a huge step in the program… to successfully launch a test flight of the mars rocket prototype.

The rocket launched and flew about 6 miles above Earth, then re-lit its engines and landed the SN15 prototype on the landing pad

A fire at the base of the 50-metre rocket was quickly extinguished and the rocket remained standing after the six-minute flight.

NASA chose the SpaceX Starship to deliver astronauts to the moon in the next few years.

An artist’s illustration of SpaceX’s Starship on the moon. 

The 3 billion dollar contract was halted last week after Jeff Bezo’s company – blue origin protested it.


The Amazon CEO announced Blue Origin will launch its new Sheppard rocket and capsule in July

The interior of the New Shepard crew capsule, which will carry people for the first time on a July 20 launch

The Sheppard’s flights are “sub-orbital” meaning they will take passengers on a short trip into space and back down to earth.

The company says “only 569 people have ever been over the so-called Kármán Line in space… and it wants to change this and change it dramatically”

SpaceX also plans to launch people into space by Autumn this year. 

So the battle between the billionaires to turn their rockets to riches continues on… until the winner is crowned within the next one or two years.


Germany recalls Tesla models due to emergency fault



Tesla is in the spotlight again, with Germany’s road traffic agency recalling models Y and 3 due to a fault in the automatic emergency call system

It’s a fault that could possibly impact around 59,000 vehicles globally.

Germany’s watchdog says a software flaw is causing a breakdown of the e-Call, a system designed to alert authorities after a serious accident.

The glitch follows the company delivered almost 18 per cent fewer electric vehicles in the second quarter than in the previous.

This is largely due to China’s Covid-19-related shutdowns and the ongoing supply chain crunch.

Meanwhile, CEO Elon Musk says Tesla’s new factories in both Texas and Berlin are “losing billions of dollars”.

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World’s first city to charge tourists for visiting



If you’re lucky to be heading abroad this summer, a visit to the famous canals in Venice, Italy might be on your itinerary, but beware of new fees to come.

Venice will charge most of its visitors an entry fee from next year as it tries to tackle overcrowding.

The city’s tourism chief says Venice are pioneers and will be the first city in the world to apply a measure that could be revolutionary.

From mid January next year, day-trippers must book their visit online before travelling.

They will pay a basic fee of 3 euro, which will rise to 10 euro at peak times.

Tourism is bouncing back in Venice after the pandemic with daily visitors again often outnumbering the 50-thousand residents of the city centre.

The scheme will be closely watched by other popular tourist destinations, overwhelmed with travellers around the world.

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Pubs in UK declining by thousands, new research



It’s no secret Brit’s love their Pub Grub, but plating up Bangers and Mash is a tradition on the decline

The number of pubs in England and Wales is continuing to fall, hitting its lowest level on record this year

After struggling through Covid the industry now faced soaring prices and higher energy costs, it warned.

There were just under 40-thousand pubs in June, down by 7,000 in the past decade, according to new research.

In fact, thousands of pubs have closed as younger people drink less, supermarkets sell cheaper alcohol and the industry complains of being too heavily taxed.

Pubs which had “disappeared” from the communities they once served had either been demolished or converted for other purposes, meaning that they were “lost forever”.

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