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It’s all in the wheel: Risky business as hamster invests in crypto



They say never trust a rodent, but this human has put the fate of his crypto portfolio in the tiny hands of his hamster, Mr Goxx.

Hamster, Mr Goxx’s high tech quarters

For many of us, understanding cryptocurrency is like running around on a hamster wheel.

Sophisticated terms, fluctuating values and virtual wallets – there’s so much that you need to know about the virtual currency before you even start thinking about trading.

But for German hamster Mr Goxx, running on wheels and sliding through tunnels is exactly what the four-legged mastermind does to be in on the crypto game.

Mr Goxx has been running an independent portfolio since June, trading cryptocurrencies from his state-of-the-art high-tech cage, the Goxx Box.

The crypto-crazed hamster is known for trading some of the big names, including Bitcoin, TRON and Ethereum.

Now for those who have to see it to believe it, Mr Goxx’s “office-hours” are livestreamed on Twitch, along with updates on his Twitch and Reddit pages.

But, how can a hamster master the ropes of such a difficult trade, you ask? It’s all in the wheel.

Doing crypto, hamster style

Mr Goxx runs rampant on his “intention wheel”, stopping once he chooses his desired cryptocurrency.

He then has to make the difficult choice of picking one of two tunnels to scamper through; the “buy” tunnel or the “sell” tunnel.

It’s from here where he decides his fate, making purchases or sales of up to 20 euros worth of his chosen crypto.

And if he chooses wrong, well it could be a costly investment for his human business partner.

Slowly paying off

Mr Goxx’s human friend told crypto website Protos that the hamster’s crypto picks are still shy of paying off his high-tech quarters.

Despite this, fans on Saturday saw one of the hamster’s best performances – up 16 percent since his trading journey began back in June.

“Mr. Goxx is happy to see some of his investments finally pay off.”

Mr. Goxx’s human partner told Protos.

Over the course of the weekend, Mr Goxx made more than $60 in profit, seeing his initial investment of 300 euros increase.

Despite his success, trusting a hamster to guide your investment strategy is risky business and one that financial advisors don’t recommend.

And while Mr Goxx’s human business partner continues to partake in his hamster ways, it’s clear that the investments made are for the sole purpose of entertaining Mr Goxx’s fans.

Written by Rebecca Borg

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