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EV sales accelerate in Australia | ticker VIEWS



Electric Vehicle sales are booming in Australia, according to a new report from the Electric Vehicle Council

The Electric Vehicle Council is the national body in Australia, representing businesses involved in producing, powering, and supporting EV’s.

New figures by the Electric Vehicle Council reveal new EV sales have spiked to record highs, in just six months.

In a nutshell, EV sales are up, the range of EV models is up, charging infrastructure is up and the Government support of EV’s is up.

Behyad Jafari is the CEO of the Electric Vehicle Council and is on a mission to electrify road transport in Australia.

“Within the first half of 2021, we’ve sold more electric vehicles than we did all of last year. We’re on track to more than double Electric Vehicles sales in these 12 months.”

Behyad Jafari, CEO Electric Vehicle Council


The report

The last twelve months have demonstrated that electric vehicles are here to stay in Australia, and indeed around the world.

Electric vehicle sales have grown despite the global pandemic, and with the world now in an economic recovery phase, this growth is expected to continue.

The figures show new Electric Vehicle sales data shows 8688 batteries and plug-ins have sold in the first half of this year.

Government incentives

Government incentives are now pouring support into the market. The market is predicting to see rapid growth into the long term future.

This period also saw the introduction of Australia’s best electric vehicle policy to date, with the NSW state government introducing an Electric Vehicle Strategy.

The strategy is backed by $500m of investment to accelerate the uptake of zero-emissions vehicles.

The NSW Government incentive program is significant and comparable with leading sectors overseas. These kinds of incentives create greater confidence in availability and sales in the market.

All positives, no negatives

Transport emissions are one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gases in Australia. Therefore, the shift to Electric Vehicles is vital for the environment, but also our health and fuel security as well.

“We need to move away from fossil fuels to power our trucks, and buses and cars, and we need to move towards zero-emission vehicles.”

Scott Hamilton, Energy expert & Ticker climate co-host

Models and Makes on Aussie Shores

There are thirty-one models of Electric Vehicles for sale in Australia including Hyundai, Nissan, MG, and Tesla. In addition, 14 of the models are valued at under $65, 000.

In Australia, the figures predict there will be 58 Electric Vehicle models by 2022. Australia currently has over 3000 charging stations, with more on the way.

Globally, several carmakers have now set timelines to become 100% electric including Jaguar Land Rover by 2025 and Volvo by 2030. Others include Mazda, Nissan, Honda Daimler, and General Motors.

In addition, other carmakers have committed to electric vehicle model targets by 2025. For example, Audi is set to have 30 electric vehicle models available by 2025 and the Volkswagen Group is aiming for 70 by 2028.

There will be a wide range of models and different price points. With prices ranging upwards of $40,000.

Soon, we will see price parity with fossil fueled vehicles, when prices begin to dip below $30, 000.

Accelerate in the right direction

The rest of the world’s leading economies are committed to transitioning away from petrol and diesel cars.

Most recently, United States President Joe Biden signed an executive order to electrify 50% of all vehicles sold by 2030.

Now, Australia is moving in the right direction as well.

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Holly is an anchor and reporter at Ticker. She's experienced in live reporting, and has previously covered the Covid-19 pandemic on-location. She's passionate about telling stories in business, climate and health.


When will Australia’s PM commit to net-zero?



Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison with US President Biden standing with coal

COP-26 climate summit is just days away, but Australia’s PM Scott Morrison is yet to cement the nation’s net-zero targets

A decision expected by the week’s end

Morrison says there are still a lot of things to work through and the impacts of the world’s response to climate change will inevitably have an impact on regional and rural Australians.

Morrison promises residents can trust his government to “do the right thing” and do what it needs to do to achieve the desired climate change response whilst also protecting jobs and people’s livelihoods.

The PM is committed to embracing new technologies to move towards a more sustainable economy, keeping industries forging ahead.

We spoke to Australian Senator Sarah Hanson-Young earlier today and asked what she expects the federal government’s net-zero plan will be.

Meanwhile, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the world is in a climate catastrophe and we need to act.

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Leaders convene for the ‘Global Race To Zero Summit’ | ticker VIEWS



As the global climate conversation heats up, leader’s prepare to convene in a month of historical talks

On Ticker News this week, Holly Stearnes and Scott Hamilton spoke with the Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council, John Grimes. We delve into the Global Race To Zero Summit on 20-21 October.

The virtual summit will host thirty climate action leaders from around the world, giving all global perspectives. 

Climate change conversation

Global warming and climate change has been an ongoing conversation for world leaders for decades. However, it’s not until now that the conversation has reached a boiling point.

The climate scientists have said there is no more time, no more political debates, serious action needs to be taken now.

In Australia, Former Prime Minister John Howard committed Australia to put a trading emissions trading scheme.

 ‘Stabilising atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases will be difficult, but not impossible. We do not have to sacrifice our economic prosperity to tackle the problem.”

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard

“I will also be announcing a ‘cap and trade emissions trading system that will help Australia substantially lower our domestic greenhouse gas emissions at the lowest cost.” 

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard

“Sadly, Australia and leaders around the world failed to heed these warnings. Global greenhouse emissions have continued to sky-rocket and we are now experiencing the existential threat of dangerous climate change.”

– Scott Hamilton, Ticker CLIMATE

However, as long as the climate debate has continued, there are always two sides to the argument. The things that are most damaging to our planet, also financially and economically support thousands of people and livelihoods.

Climate Wars

As the COP-26 climate event approaches at a rapid pace, Australian lawmakers are struggling to reach an agreement over net-zero targets. The Nationals have continued to withhold their support for a net-zero plan.

As the world transitions away from coal, Australia seems reluctant to consider a future without it. Country coal towns and the Australian economy rely heavily on the coal industry. However, it is crucial that Australia now paves its way in a new direction.

The coal industry gives thousands of Australians jobs, but when the rest of the world moves away from coal, Australia’s exporting opportunities will no longer be there.

That’s why it’s essential to create a plan, so people are not left in dead-end industries and we’re in line with the rest of the world in tackling climate change.

John Grimes is the Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council, the independent, not-for-profit body for the Australian smart energy industry thinks the Morrison will be dragged “kicking and screaming” to committing to net-zero target by 2050 at the upcoming COP26 in Glasgow.

“That’s [net-zero by 2050] is the bare minimum.”

– John Grimes, CEO, Smart Energy Council

Global Race To Zero Summit

This will be one of the biggest virtual climate events in 2021.

The Summit will explore the opportunities that emerge from taking action on climate change and provide a clear pathway forward for governments, citizens, and companies.

Taking place just 10 days before the G20 meeting in Rome, on 30-31 of October, and in the lead up to the critical COP26 meeting in Glasgow from 31 October–12 November, this event will be instrumental in influencing ambitious global action.

Insert video promo: Global Race to Zero Summit – We Demand Change

Register here for free:


Watch the full episode here:

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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend first Earthshot Prize awards



The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were among a number of high-profile individuals who attended the very first Earth shot Prize awards ceremony

Started by Prince William, the idea behind the event is to celebrate those who are trying to save the planet from global warming.

There will be five winners in total, with each person receiving a grant of 1-million-pounds.

Other stars including Emma Watson, Emma Thompson and Mo Salah are handing out awards.

Meanwhile, celebrities were asked to refrain from flying from the event, and guests were asked to “consider the environment” when choosing an outfit.

The Earthshot prize is a nod to the “Moonshot” ambition of America, whereby John F Kennedy wanted to send a man to the moon within a decade.

Climate activist, Sir David Attenborough is also a council member for Earthshot and gave his remarks

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