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Eurovision 2022 – when music meets politics



Here to break all the war tension comes the world’s largest music competition Eurovision with its comical bangers and political performances

Taking place in Italy’s northwestern city of Turin, millions of viewers usually tune in to watch 40 countries battle for the winning trophy of Eurovision.

The usually non-political song contest is politically charged this year with Russia and Belarus banished from the show and a Ukrainian band passing through to the finals.

Ukrainian folk-rap group Kalush Orchestra stands as an audience favourite with an energetic performance of their song Stefania.

Folk-rap band, Kalush Orchestra’s perfomance made the audience cry and applause. Picture: Eurovision

Written by the group’s lead singer, the song has become a powerful anthem in the wake of war with lyrics like ‘I will always walk to you by broken roads’ touching the hearts of many.

The band received a standing ovation midway and a long applause afterwards as the founding member thanked everyone for supporting Ukraine towards the end of the performance.

The Kyiv government gave the band special permission to leave the war-ravaged Ukraine and perform at the competition.

If Kalush Orchestra were to win on Saturday, it would be Ukraine’s third victory after it won in 2004 and 2016.

Ukraine is among the top 10 to reach the final with other countries like Switzerland, Portugal and Norway also making the cut.

Norway’s Subwoolfer keep their identity hidden behind their masks. Picture: Eurovision

Norway’s Subwoolfer brought the right amount of absurdness to the competition with their giant yellow wolf masks and banana based song, Give That Wolf A Banana.

In contrast to the comical Subwoolfer was Portugal’s Maro who sang Saudade, Saudade, a ballad full of grief dedicated to her late grandfather.

Rijul Baath contributed to this report

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Fans struggle to buy Beyonce concert tickets



If you’re struggling to get Beyonce tickets, you’re not alone

O2 customers in the U.K. were reporting problems with the company’s app and website.

For those who were able to get through, they paid anywhere from £56-199.

For those who are super keen, there are V.I.P. packages with front row seats. But that’ll set you back £475.

Some fans took to social media to vent their frustrations over the ticketing fiasco.

It’s Queen B’s first solo tour in seven years, and will take her across Europe and North America.

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Liverpool to host Eurovision Song Contest



After months of build-up, the British city of Liverpool has finally taking the reins as the official host of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest

Competing countries have also found out which semi-final they will be in and who their rivals will be.

Germany, Italy and France will all vote in the first semi final, while, the U.K., Spain and Ukraine will all cast their votes in the second semi-final.

Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest contest last year and should be this year’s host – but the ongoing war means the country is unable to.

The semi-finals, and the final, will be held in Liverpool in May.

Eurovision 2023 marks the first year ever that non-participating countries can vote.

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Pet fish playing Nintendo Switch rack up credit card bill



Pet fish playing a video game in Japan have managed to log on to the Nintendo Switch store, change their owner’s avatar, set up a PayPal account and rack up a credit card bill

And it was all seemingly livestreamed on a YouTube channel, in real time.

The channel owner, Mutekimaru, had previously installed sophisticated motion detection tracking software in fish tanks, enabling the fish to remotely control a Nintendo Switch console.

But the technology, led to an unexpected turn of events earlier this month while the owner was live-streaming a game of Pokémon.

The fish managed to change the name of their owner’s Switch account before twice logging into the Nintendo store.

They also managed to “check” legal terms and conditions, downloaded a new avatar and even set up a PayPal account from the Switch.

The fish were also seen adding 500 yen to the Switch account from the owner’s credit card during the livestream – exposing his credit card details in the process.

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