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Europe floods, while the US burns | ticker VIEWS



Europe is seeing disastrous floods, while parts of the United States are seeing record-breaking heatwaves

The severity of extreme floods and heatwavs is leading experts to blame climate change.

Catastrophic floods are ravaging parts of Europe, including Germany and Belgium. The areas have seen over two months’ worth of rain in two days.

The flood death toll now sits at 188 people with German Chancellor Angela Merkel describing the floods as “terrifying”.

“Climate change means we’ll have more events, more powerful, more often. “

Scott hamilton

Record heatwaves in US & Northern Ireland

A record-breaking heatwave is gripping the western parts of California. It’s causing 70 devastating wildfires to ravage across California and Oregon.

The wildfires are caused by an unprecedented heatwave, that scientists say was driven by human-caused climate change.

“There is a clear human fingerprint on this particular extreme heatwave in the Pacific Northwest, and in general on extreme heatwaves everywhere in the modern era we’re living though.”

Daniel swain, ucla climate scientist

Northern Ireland has also recorded its highest temperatures of 31.2 degrees Celcius, in Ballywatticock, County Down.

For context, the previous highest temperature of 30.8 degrees Celcius was recorded in 1983.

“Just another sign we are facing dangerous climate change”

Scott Hamilton

In other news this week:

The EU Green Deal

The European Union Green Deal is deemed the ‘fit for 55’ package. Its aim is to enable the European Union to deliver its commitments to cut emissions by 55% by 2030.

Its aim is to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent in the world.

It will set the EU on a path to reach its climate targets by 2030 in a fair, cost-effective, and competitive way.

China introduces carbon trading

China is putting in a carbon trading scheme, in a bid to cut back on its emissions. It will cover approximately 2,200 power companies, with a step in the right direction.

The scheme will put pressure on Chinese emitters to use less coal and switch to cleaner energy sources. However, this will hurt Australian exports in the future and demand cleaner alternatives from Australia.

Australian Environment Minister duty of care

Environment Minister Sussan Ley will appeal a declaration by the Federal Court that she owes a duty of care to protect children from the effects of climate change.

The eight schoolchildren who are fighting the case to the federal court are concerned about the decision to appeal, with one saying the government was now fighting for the right to cause them harm.

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New report suggests ‘throwaway economy’ thwarting climate goals



New research shows countries are neglecting the massive impact of the “throw-away” economy on planet-warming emissions

Scientists found that more than half a trillion tonnes of virgin materials have been consumed since the 2015 Paris climate deal.

The Circle Economy report found 70 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions are linked to the manufacturing and use of products.

But the report found that if economies were more circular, then the world could meet the Paris target of 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

A third of nations’ climate pledges mention the circular economy as part of their emissions goals, according to the report.

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Researchers discover why pandas gain weight on bamboo diet



We’re always told to eat your greens, but this isn’t the case for pandas

A new Study finds exactly how pandas gain weight… even though they only eat bamboo

Pandas eat between 26 to 84 pounds of bamboo each day and It turns out the animals’ gut bacteria changes in the season when nutritious bamboo shoots become available.

“This is the first time we established a causal relationship between a panda’s gut microbiota and its phenotype,” says Guangping Huang, one of the study’s authors.

“We’ve known these pandas have a different set of gut microbiota during the shoot-eating season for a long time, and it’s very obvious that they are chubbier during this time of the year.”

Pandas only consume bamboo, which is a poor quality diet low in fat.

The authors believe the bacterium could lead the bears to store more fat.

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Historic mission – first spacecraft to touch the sun



NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has officially become the first spacecraft to touch the sun

This achievement comes 60 years after the space agency set the goal… and three years after the Parker Solar Probe was launched.

The spacecraft flew through the sun’s corona… which is its upper atmosphere… in a bid to “sample particles and our star’s magnetic fields”.

NASA’s Science Mission Directorate says “not only does this milestone provide us with deeper insights into our Sun’s evolution and (its) impacts on our solar system, but everything we learn about our own star also teaches us more about stars in the rest of the universe.”

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