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Why the UBER Files story matters for all successful startups



The UBER Files investigation has revealed exactly the lengths UBER went to, so it could grows as quickly as possible. It’s a lesson for all successful startups

What is Uber accused of doing?

A new report reveals that the ride sharing company lobbied political leaders to relax labour and taxi laws, and used what has been called a “kill switch” to prevent law enforcement and regulators. 

It’s also accused to have believed that portraying violence against its drivers was a good way to earn the publics sympathy.

The report has been called the Uber Files, and is compiled of a leak of more than a 100,000 documents. 

Also detrimental to the company’s image is the revelation that it has used tax havens in Bermuda and other areas. 

Uber was founded in 2009 to offer inexpensive ride sharing, and the reports reveal the extraordinary lengths it went through to get active in 30 countries. 

It’s lobbyists which include a former aide to President Barack Obama pushed lawmakers to drop investigations, restructure taxi laws, and relax background checks on drivers.

Uber responds

In a written statement, Uber acknowledged it had made “mistakes” in the past.

Uber has been controversial in various countries. 

Whether all the leaks are true or not, Uber has to take responsibility and respond to all the allegations. 

Fair competition can only be maintained through transparency.

It comes as a top UBER exec outs himself as UBER Files whistleblower.

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Is Bitcoin’s rally here to stay or just another bubble?



A combination of institutional interest, economic uncertainty, growing acceptance, and technological progress is driving Bitcoin’s surge.

Many factors contribute to Bitcoin’s upward momentum. First and foremost, increasing institutional adoption plays a pivotal role. Major companies and financial institutions are showing growing interest in Bitcoin as an asset class, pouring significant investments into it. This legitimizes the cryptocurrency in the eyes of traditional investors.

Additionally, global economic uncertainty and inflation concerns are pushing individuals to seek alternative investments. Bitcoin, with its limited supply and decentralized nature, is emerging as a store of value and a hedge against economic turbulence.

Moreover, growing mainstream acceptance and awareness are fueling demand. More merchants are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, making it increasingly accessible to consumers.

Furthermore, technological advancements, such as the Lightning Network, are improving Bitcoin’s scalability and usability, enhancing its attractiveness as a digital currency. #featured #bitcoin

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Will Bitcoin ever be safe as houses?



2024 may become the year that younger investors face this key question. Is it safer to invest in crypto, or to invest in property. Put another way, is Bitcoin as safes as houses?

Anticipated rate cuts in the coming year promise a soft landing for the economy, while the maturing crypto industry, now subject to increased regulations, becomes more appealing to a broader investor base. #featured #ticker today

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Volkswagen, Renault partner to create budget-friendly EVs



Volkswagen and Renault are reportedly considering a groundbreaking collaboration to develop affordable electric cars.

This bold endeavor aims to make electric mobility accessible to a wider audience, addressing one of the key barriers to EV adoption: cost.

The automotive giants are exploring the possibility of co-developing a range of budget-friendly electric vehicles that combine Volkswagen’s engineering prowess with Renault’s electric technology.

This partnership seeks to challenge the dominance of higher-priced electric models, making emissions-free driving a reality for more consumers.

The potential synergy between these two industry giants could revolutionize the EV landscape.

By pooling resources and expertise, they hope to deliver electric cars that not only offer a competitive price point but also meet the stringent quality and safety standards expected from such renowned manufacturers.

As electric vehicles continue to gain traction, the question remains:

Will this collaboration between Volkswagen and Renault pave the way for a more accessible electric future, or will established players in the industry attempt to thwart their ambitions?

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