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Why the UBER Files story matters for all successful startups



The UBER Files investigation has revealed exactly the lengths UBER went to, so it could grows as quickly as possible. It’s a lesson for all successful startups

What is Uber accused of doing?

A new report reveals that the ride sharing company lobbied political leaders to relax labour and taxi laws, and used what has been called a “kill switch” to prevent law enforcement and regulators. 

It’s also accused to have believed that portraying violence against its drivers was a good way to earn the publics sympathy.

The report has been called the Uber Files, and is compiled of a leak of more than a 100,000 documents. 

Also detrimental to the company’s image is the revelation that it has used tax havens in Bermuda and other areas. 

Uber was founded in 2009 to offer inexpensive ride sharing, and the reports reveal the extraordinary lengths it went through to get active in 30 countries. 

It’s lobbyists which include a former aide to President Barack Obama pushed lawmakers to drop investigations, restructure taxi laws, and relax background checks on drivers.

Uber responds

In a written statement, Uber acknowledged it had made “mistakes” in the past.

Uber has been controversial in various countries. 

Whether all the leaks are true or not, Uber has to take responsibility and respond to all the allegations. 

Fair competition can only be maintained through transparency.

It comes as a top UBER exec outs himself as UBER Files whistleblower.


When London’s Heathrow airport is set to end daily passenger limits



London’s Heathrow airport is set to end its daily passenger limits on departures

Ending at the end of this month, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that airlines have already been told about the changes.

Of course, this follows a turbulent summer of travel in the northern hemisphere, where staff shortages have plagued the sector.

To deal with the staffing crisis, Heathrow capped the number of passenger departures at 100-thousand a day.

But the cap was extended from July into October in a desperate bid to limit queues and baggage delays.

The sector has been crippled by the pandemic and labor shortages, with many airports and airlines struggling to hire enough staff to deal with the increased demand.

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Hacking saga hits Australia’s biggest telco



As millions deal with the fallout from the Optus data breach, a third party company has leaked the information of Telstra employees

Up to 30,000 names and email addresses of past and present Telstra staff were uploaded online.

It’s understood it’s the same forum where an Optus breach was shared last week.

While no customer data has be lost, Telstra says it is aware of the breach, which contains employee information from 2017.

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Government-backed crypto could threaten the U.S. economy, report finds



Government-backed cryptocurrencies could threaten the U.S. economy, that’s according to a new report

The Treasury Department believe that prices crypto are set by market speculation and don’t have much economic reality.

It’s found crypto-asset firms intersect with entities that have risky business profiles.

Treasury believes this is a concern for the U-S financial system.

Of course, Bitcoin is just one digital coin to swing and los much of its value since the start of this year.

But advocates think these stable-coins could be less volatile than traditional currencies.

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