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Why photos of Kobe Bryant’s deceased body were shown at a bar



The deputy who took close-up photos of Kobe Bryant’s body says he “didn’t do anything wrong”

A civil lawsuit is underway into grim photos of the late NBA great, Kobe Bryant, that were reportedly shown in “irrelevant” settings, including a bar.

Bryant’s widow, Vanessa, is claiming photos of the helicopter crash that killed her husband and young daughter, Gianna, were shared outside the investigation by fire and Sheriff’s Department employees.

The fatal helicopter crash on January 26, 2020 took the lives of nine people.

Kobe & Gianna in 2019.

In total, about 25 up-close photos of the crash and human remains from the helicopter crash were documented by firefighters.

According to Deputy Douglas Johnson who took the photos, he was instructed to do so by Deputy Raul Versales at the command post.

Deputy Douglas Johnson
Photo credit: BACKGRID

However, Versales has denied ever making that instruction. Versales says everyone at “command post, including myself, we did not request photographs.”

Vanessa Bryant’s Attorney’s pointed this out to Johnson in front of the jury.

Are you aware that deputy Versales has denied asking you to take photos on January 26, 2020?”

Eric Tuttle, an attorney for Bryant

“I am not,”

Douglas johnson

The photos were then reportedly shared in casual settings and were they shown to people outside of the investigation.

A former emergency medical technician, Luella Weireter, has testified to seeing L.A. county firefighter, Tony Imbrenda, circulate photos of Bryant’s remains on his phone at the Golden Mike Awards show. 

The trail is set to last two weeks, with Vanessa Bryant set to face the officials responsible.


Vanessa Bryant leaving court

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