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Why Instagram’s boss is relocating to London



A Meta Inc. spokeswoman announced today that Instagram boss, Adam Mosseri, plans to locate to London temporarily to help reinforce operations in the region

The spokeswoman reported that the aim of this move is to increase the global expansion of Instagram by attracting a greater number of quality creators to earn their living from contributing to the platform.  

It is an interesting time for such an announcement as the Head of Instagram continues to diffuse the backlash generated over the past week in response to Instagram’s plans to increase its interface and feed to become more like rival, TikTok.  

Photo credit: The Verge

Countering TikTok

Rationale for the London move has been attributed to the office being the second largest engineering hub for Meta outside of its U.S. headquarters with more than 4000 employees located there.

As TikTok continues to lead the way in downloads and user adoption with the teenage market, once the core audience demographic for Instagram, how this move plays out in terms of Instagram’s evolution will be anyone’s guess. 

What is apparent in the negative response from Instagram users regarding its plans to become more like TikTok is that the platform is clearly not listening to its loyal fans.

Instagram’s usual strategy of adopting the features of other platforms to prevent its current users from going elsewhere, may not be as effective as it once was. 

Instagram introduced Stories as a direct defensive tactic to prevent scores of users moving to Snapchat.

It continued using this strategy by adding features such as live video and most famously (and recently) creating Reels when India banned TikTok and the former U.S. President, Donald Trump, threatened to do the same.  

This recent backlash demonstrates that Instagram users are tired of the platform attempting to retain their interest by increasing its similarity with other social media sites.

Rather than imitation, it seems Instagram users want both innovation and familiarity to ensure Instagram maintains its uniqueness, rather than becoming more homogenous and generic.  

This move by Instagram boss, Adam Mosseri to London could be the perfect opportunity for Instagram to assess what its users really want so it can differentiate itself again in the social media landscape.  

– Karen Sutherland, University of the Sunshine Coast, contributed to this report.

Dr Karen Sutherland is a Senior Lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast where she designs and delivers social media education and research. Dr Sutherland is also the Co-Founder and Social Media Specialist at Dharana Digital marketing agency focused on helping people working in the health and wellness space.


Nude Britney Spears post sparks concern among fans



A nude Britney Spears post has many fans concerned about her wellbeing

Pop sensation Britney Spears is no stranger to a controversial social media post, where she openly flaunts her body.

However, her latest post to Instagram has many of her beloved followers concerned.

The 40-year-old posted an explicit photo of herself in a near-empty bathtub, with a flower emoji the only thing between the world and her private parts.

It was paired with an unusual captions that read, “I like to suck!!! Never professional pics … sucking comes easy for me!!! Keep clapping bitch!!!”

The icon has 41 million followers on the social media app, many of whom were quick to share their concerns.

Some are suggesting Spears’ account is being controlled by someone else, attempting to make her look bad.

While others backed the pop stars post, supporting her desire to be open with her body image because she struggled during her younger years in the spotlight.

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A police officer quits the force, after setting up her own porn site



A police officer describing herself “Officer Naughty” has quit the force, after setting up her own porn site.

Constable Sam Helena was suspended after an Only Fans page went viral.

She calls herself a “good girl gone bad” and has previously faced disciplinary action for sharing raunchy videos of herself.

One clip shows the officer in a navy blue corset with a police badge. But the force believes her behaviour had brought the organisation into disrepute.

A Met Police spokeswoman says it is investigating the behaviour.

It’s understood Commissioner Mark Rowley has vowed to clamp down on misconduct and misogyny in the force.

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Box Office disaster for Disney



The results from the all-important Thanksgiving Box Office sales are in.

This year’s Thanksgiving movies proved to be a feast and famine for Walt Disney.

While “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” added $64 million to its domestic tally during the five-day time frame, Disney’s latest animated feature “Strange World” failed to lure in moviegoers, generating just $18.6 million.

That is the worst three-day opening for a Disney animated feature since 2000′s “The Emperor’s New Groove.”

It comes as CEO Bob Iger returns to the helm of the company, promising to restructure Disney in a way that puts creativity at the forefront.

Thanksgiving week is an important time for studios at the box office, usually bringing in around $250 million in ticket sales each year.


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