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“Who’s the real monster” – Amber Heard grilled in cross-examination



Amber Heard is questioned on her testimony in cross-examination by Johnny Depp’s council

Amber Heard returns to the stand for a cross-examination as Johnny Depp’s lawyers try to prove Heard’s violent tendencies in the relationship.

Depp is suing Heard for defaming him in an article she wrote in Washington Post in 2018, claiming to be a victim of domestic violence. While she didn’t name Depp in the article, his lawyers say it still ruined his reputation with a lie.

Heard has called Depp a “monster” in her previous testimony for doing drugs and beating her up.

Depp’s attorney, Camilla Vasquez questions Heard in the cross-examination on the actress’s own drug use after she reportedly set time out for drugs during her wedding with Depp in 2015.

“Who’s the real monster in this relationship Ms Heard,” Vasquez asks.

“It’s half of Johnny. It’s not all of Johnny,” Heard replies, saying the other half of him is wonderful and beautiful and the man she loved.

Heard is counter filing a claim of $100 million, saying Depp abused her throughout the relationship.

Heard’s ‘love notes’

Heard testified in court that Depp sexually assaulted her with a bottle during the couple’s Australian trip.

Depp’s lawyers claim it was Heard who severed his finger with a vodka bottle, asking Heard during the cross-examination if it was her “who assaulted someone with a bottle in Australia.”

Heard tells the court that she never assaulted Johnny, “ever”.

Depp’s council also show extracts from her journal entries to the jurors, wherein Heard appears to apologise to Depp.

Journal entry records Heard’s apology. Picture: Law and Crime Network

“I’m sorry I can get crazy, I’m sorry I hurt you,” the entry reads.

“I think its important in any relationship to apologize when you’re trying to move past fights,” Heard testifies in response to Vasquez’s questioning.

Vasquez also points to a 2015 entry which was made after the Australian trip and after Depp allegedly “swung” at Heard’s sister.

“I fall more and more for you every day,” the 2015 entry reads.

Heard writes about her affection towards Depp. Picture: Law and Crime Network

Heard says these diary entries were a ‘love note’.

“The whole book is love notes,” she says.

Heard’s affair

Vasquez also shows jurors the CCTV footage of the elevator from the couple’s penthouse apartment one day before Heard filed for the divorce.

The footage from May 22, 2016 shows the actress welcoming James Franco into the penthouse, with Franco resting his head on Heard’s neck.

Heard confirmed that the man in the footage was James Franco.

The visit was a day after Heard allegedly got hit in her face with a mobile phone by Depp.

Depp previously accused Heard and Franco of having an affair while they were still together but she denied.

Past relationship

Vasquez also questions Heard about her arrest for alleged assault during her past relationship with Tasya van Ree in 2009.

“You assaulted her at a Seattle airport in 2009 didn’t you,’ Vasquez asks.

“That’s not true,” Heard replies.

Vasquez then reads out a news article about the incident to the court. Heard allegedly hit van Ree ‘s arm but the case wasn’t pursued further.

So, who’s winning?

Sierra Gillespie from Law Network thinks the trial is swaying towards Depp’s side, with Depp’s team “shining” during Heard’s redirect after the cross-examination.

“I am not exaggerating when I tell you we heard dozens of objections today,” Gillespie says referring to the several objections made by Depp’s attorney, Vasquez which didn’t let Heard or her Lawyer sneak in a word.

“Depp’s attorney… made the path that she wanted for Heard’s story,” she says, pointing out how few objections were made by Heard’s attorneys during her cross-examination as well.

“Its going to be confusing for jurors to see Heard’s side,” she says.

Rijul Baath contributed to this report

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Adidas faces potential $320M Yeezy shoe write-off post-Kanye split



Adidas is contemplating a significant financial blow as it considers writing off $320 million worth of Yeezy shoes following its separation from music and fashion icon Kanye West.

The sportswear giant’s decision to sever ties with West’s Yeezy brand has left a mountain of unsold merchandise, threatening to dent the company’s balance sheet.

The partnership between Adidas and Kanye West, which began in 2013, had been immensely successful, with Yeezy shoes becoming a highly sought-after fashion statement.

However, recent controversies and disagreements between West and Adidas prompted the sportswear company to distance itself from the celebrity designer.

The massive inventory of Yeezy shoes now presents a dilemma for Adidas, as it grapples with finding a solution to deal with the surplus stock. A $320 million write-off could significantly impact the company’s financial performance in the short term.

Adidas is currently exploring various options, including discounting, donating, or repurposing the unsold inventory to mitigate the financial hit.

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Warner Bros discovery warns of Hollywood’s ‘real risk’ post-strikes’



Warner Bros Discovery, has issued a stark warning regarding the ‘real risk’ that Hollywood faces in the aftermath of the recent strikes that have taken a considerable toll on the industry’s financial health.

The strikes, which disrupted film and television production for several weeks, resulted in substantial financial losses for studios, production companies, and countless industry professionals.

Warner Bros Discovery emphasised the necessity for a resilient and adaptable approach to navigate the ongoing challenges and uncertainties facing the film and television sector.

The conglomerate stressed the importance of implementing measures to mitigate such risks in the future, which include fostering better labour relations and contingency planning to safeguard against potential disruptions.

The message underlined the need for the industry to adapt to the evolving landscape of content creation and distribution, particularly in the digital era.

This warning from Warner Bros Discovery highlights the need for the entertainment industry to recognise the ever-changing dynamics and economic challenges, and the importance of preparedness to maintain its prominent position in the global market.

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MrBeast’s monumental 100 African wells sparks controversy



Philanthropic YouTuber MrBeast, known for his outlandish and extravagant charity stunts, recently financed the construction of 100 wells in Africa, providing clean drinking water to thousands of people.


While the philanthropic gesture is commendable on the surface, it has ignited a wave of controversy and criticism from various quarters.

Critics argue that MrBeast’s approach, although well-intentioned, might not be the most sustainable solution to Africa’s water crisis.

They question the long-term viability of these wells, raising concerns about maintenance and local ownership. Some have even labelled it as a publicity stunt, arguing that it merely scratches the surface of a much deeper issue.

On the other hand, MrBeast’s supporters laud his efforts in raising awareness and mobilising his enormous following to contribute to a worthy cause. They argue that any effort to alleviate the water crisis is a step in the right direction.

In the end, whether MrBeast’s 100 wells in Africa are a game-changing philanthropic success or a mere spectacle remains a subject of intense social debate.


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