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Depp takes ex-wife to court in ‘soap opera’ court case



In opening arguments Johnny Depp’s team claims Amber Heard destroyed his life with “a lie” and that she is “obsessed” with her image.

But Heard’s team argues the Pirates of the Caribbean star brought her to court simply to “destroy her”.

Johnny Depp is suing Heard for $50 million under a defamation claim for an article she wrote for Washington post in 2018 claiming to be a domestic violence victim.

While the article never mentioned Depp by name, the actor’s lawyers insist that it damaged his reputation.

“The evidence will show that Ms. Heard’s false allegation had a significant impact on Depp’s family and his ability to work in the profession he loved,” Depp’s lawyer says.

“Today his name is associated with a lie,” he says.

Heard’s lawyers argue that his career’s “free fall” was because of his own actions and the choices he made.

The actress is also counter suing Depp for $100 million with her lawyers claiming that Depp had inflicted physical and emotional abuse on her.

“He penetrated her with a Liquor bottle,” Heard’s attorney, Bredehofft says.

Heard’s lawyers said Depp was obsessed with revenge. Picture: Law and Crime Network.

Camille Vasquez, one of Depp’s lawyers, tells the jury that the actress is “ready to give the performance of her life” and that she had been the aggressor in the relationship.

“Miss Heard painted herself as a heroic and innocent survivor of abuse by Mr. Depp … to raise her own profile and to advance her own career,” Vasquez says.

The court also sees Depp’s older sister take a stand who claims to have seen Heard hurl insults towards the actor multiple times, once calling him an “old fat man”.

His attorneys also claim that the only medical report filed during the relationship was of the injury Depp sustained during an argument.

“She threw a vodka bottle at him that hit his hand and exploded, severing the end of one of his fingers,” Vasquez tells the court.

Depp’s lawyers said the trial is ultimately to clear the actor’s name. Picture: Law and Crime Network

Heard’s lawyers will also use testimonies from Elon Musk and James Franco.

Depp’s 2018 UK libel trial

The american trial comes two years after Depp sued the the publishers of British newspaper The Sun for libel over calling the actor a ‘wife beater’ in their article.

The UK trial went on for three weeks until he lost.

According to the judges, majority of Heard’s accusations could be proven so the abuse was more likely to have occurred.

Rijul Baath contributed to this report


Meet Purple – the new M&M “spokescandy” character



Mars has introduced its first new M&M character in more than a decade

The new purple “spokescandy” is a peanut M&M designed to represent acceptance and inclusivity

Purple joins the other classics like Red and Yellow.

Mars says the character’s “charm and quirky nature” comes from her “keen self-awareness, authenticity and confidence”

Mars redesigned its M&M characters earlier this year after facing criticism for Green’s sexy characterization

In announcing Purple, Mars put out an ad with the character singing an original song, “I’m Just Gonna Be Me.” 

Mars says one dollar from every stream of Purple’s song will be donated to a nonprofit arts company.

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Why is Trump suing CNN?



Former U.S. President Donald Trump is suing CNN for defamation

Trump is taking his vengeance to the Federal Court in Florida.

He alleges CNN has sought to use its massive influence to defeat him politically.

The former president is seeking 475 million dollars in punitive damages, according to the lawsuit.

Trump has previously said he will be commencing actions against other media outlets who defrauded the public during the 2020 election.

His attorney’s believe there was a smear campaign, including commentary that he is a cult leader and a racist.

Of course, defamation cases are hard to win. Public figures have to prove that journalists acted with malice.

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Why Beatles’ legend Ringo Starr cancelled a concert



Beatles’ legend Ringo Starr cancelled a concert after falling ill.

The 82-year-old drummer was supposed to perform with his All-Starr band in the U.S.

In a statement shared by the venue in Michigan, Starr’s team says the drummer did not have Covid but the illness affected his voice.

The casino says “Ringo is sick and was hoping he could carry on, hence the late decision, but it has affected his voice so tonight’s show, scheduled to begin in a few hours is cancelled.”

Saturday night’s cancelled shows was already a rescheduled date from this June after Starr band members were diagnosed with Covid.

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