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Kay White coaches and mentors experienced career women showing them how to take responsibility and control for their own career direction.

I introduce women to strategies which men seem to do naturally which boost their success at work – raising their profile, going for opportunities and not waiting to be asked, negotiating salaries and bonus levels, asking for what they want. With +20 years of my own experience in corporate and insurance broking, I know a thing or two about the ways (and the ways not to) get ahead at work – without selling your soul.

I’ve written 2 bestselling books: The A to Z of Being Understood and It’s Always YOUR Move and regularly speak to audiences inside corporations and at events. I host my own Events all focussed on motivating and inspiring women to step up at work and stop holding themselves – or allowing themselves to be held – back.

I show women how to use purposeful language and words like ‘subtle accessories’ to embellish and highlight what needs to be said:

• Get your point across so people actually hear you (not just nod at you)

• Connect (and disconnect) with people quickly and easily, when you want to

• Motivate people to respond to your requests (without banging the desk!)

• Say what needs to be said (without being offensive or witchy)

• Break through the ‘sound barrier’ and be heard as you express yourself.

Specialties: Communication & Influencing Specialist

Presenting With Presence expertise

Qualified Executive Coach

Licensed NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer

Results Coach

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Does President Biden pass the cognitive test?



White House denies President Biden memory lapse report, following a report that questioned the President’s mental competency.

The White House blasted a report that suggested President Joe Biden was suffering memory lapses, and Vice President Kamala Harris called the report “clearly politically motivated.”

The report from Special Counsel Robert Hur, a former U.S. attorney in Maryland during Republican Donald Trump’s administration, has prompted an election-year brawl and renewed questions about Biden’s advanced age.

The issue of mental competency has become a major topic in this year’s presidential campaign, as Biden, 81, and Trump, 77, are the two oldest men to have been elected president.

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“By his side” – Harry heads to London to be with King Charles



King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer, prompting him to temporarily step back from his royal duties.

The announcement came from the palace, stating that the monarch will undergo treatment to address the health issue.

The news has stirred concern among the public, as King Charles has been a symbol of stability and continuity for the nation.

The exact details of the diagnosis and treatment plan have not been disclosed, but sources close to the palace assure the public that the king is in capable hands and remains optimistic about his recovery.

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Argentina’s advocation for more freedom



Argentina and Australia: The role of institutions in economic prosperity and political stability.

The new libertarian free market President of Argentina Javier Milei, called for more freedom and less collectivism in the global economy at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. And with it announced his own radical proposals.

But how did Argentina get into this position and how did a similar country avoid it?

Professor Tim Harcourt from UTS joins to discuss.

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