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UK faces biggest rail strike in 30 years



The United Kingdom is facing nationwide paralysis as its biggest rail strike in thirty years is set to begin.

Last minute talks between unions and the government failed – meaning a whole week where millions face the prospect of limited to no rail transport.

England, Scotland and Wales are set to face ‘transport misery’ according to the UK’s transport secretary.

40,000 rail workers nationwide are walking out of the job on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Passengers commuters across the country are being advised not to travel unless its absolutely necessary.

With normally 20,000 rail services being cut down to just 4,500 across Britain, this is the biggest rail strike the UK has seen in three decades

The Government is blaming Union leaders for resisting technological change and for demanding more money than is warranted.

Unions are saying that the ongoing inflation, job cuts, pay rises not keeping up increases in the cost of living and safety being disregarded are all factors.

These strikes have been nicknamed the Summer of Discontent

For anyone caught up in the strikes this week – what can they do?

The government is urging everybody not to travel unless they absolutely have to.

The last few years with the pandemic taught us that many people actually can work form home quite well.

Many people will have the option working from home, so in some ways, certain aspects of this strike won’t be as bad as previously anticipated.

But not everyone has the luxury of working from home – essential services, hospitality, tourism, hospital and emergency staff.

This will be a tale of the cans and the cannots when it comes to avoiding the pandemic

Travel (airports) Tourists – London alone is set to lose millions in tourists and sightseers.

And of course, the famous Glastonbury festival – which usually attracts several hundred thousand festivalgoers starts in a few days this week, where half of all trains to and from glastonbury are completely cancelled.

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BREAKING: Shots ring out at Trump rally



Donald Trump was whisked off the stage at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania after loud noises rang through the crowd.

Trump was showing off a chart of border crossing numbers when bangs started ringing through the crowd. Trump could be seen reaching with his right hand toward his neck. There appeared to be blood on his face.

He quickly ducked behind the riser as agents from his protective detail rushed the stage and screams rang out from the crowd. The bangs continued as agents tended to him on stage.

His motorcade has left the venue.

In a statement, Trump says he is “fine” and says he is being checked at a medical facility.

Donald Trump was safe, the U.S. Secret Service and his campaign said on Saturday after multiple shots rang out at a rally by the Republican presidential candidate in Pennsylvania as video showed Trump grimacing and raising a hand to his right ear.
The former president had just started his speech when gunshots erupted and Trump and other rally attendees hit the deck. Secret Service agents swarmed around him and live video showed blood on the right side of Trump’s face and ear.
Trump repeatedly raised his fist in the air, with an American flag visible behind him, as security ushered him away.
“The Secret Service has implemented protective measures and the former president is safe,” a spokesperson for the agency said on X after what it called an incident.
“This is now an active Secret Service investigation and further information will be released when available.”

A map of the site, showing where the alleged gunman was situated compared to Donald Trump.

CNN reported that Trump was injured, but gave no other details. It was not clear how or what injuries he may have sustained.

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NASA astronauts phone home, confident Boeing’s Starliner will return to Earth safely



Stranded NASA astronauts express confidence in Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft, assuring its capability to safely transport them back to Earth from the International Space Station.

The astronauts, over a video call to NASA, highlighted Starliner’s enhanced safety features and testing protocols as reassuring factors for their safe return.

“I have a real good feeling in my heart that this spacecraft will bring us home, no problem…”, said Sunita “Suni” Williams, one of the stranded NASA astronauts.

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Franchising vs. Independent: key differences to choosing the right SMB model



With latest Australian Federal budget, many SMB’s are weighing their options when selecting a suitable business model.

Franchising provides brand recognition, operational support, and economies of scale but involves ongoing fees.

Independent businesses offer full control and profit retention but face higher costs and regulatory challenges.

For risk and reward, the franchising model reduces risk through established practices and support but involves ongoing fees and profit-sharing with the franchisor.

On the alternative, independent businesses retain full control of profits but face higher risks and responsibilities in managing the business.

Sonia Shwabsky, CEO at Kwik Kopy Australia, joins to share her key insights on SMB’s. #featured

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