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Uber & Arrival plan to launch electric vehicles for ridesharing

Anthony Lucas



U.K. startup ‘Arrival’ is preparing to build electric buses and delivery vans with Uber

Arrival is parterning with Uber to build the ‘Arrival Car’ – a low-cost electric vehicle for ride-sharing.

Arrival and Uber said in a joint statement the Arrival Car will be an “affordable, purpose-built electric vehicle for ride-hailing,” with production set to begin in 2023.

Uber plans to go electric

Uber plans on offering rides exclusively with electronic vehicles in London by 2025.

The company also plans to sign up 20,000 more drivers in Britain. This comes as the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions boosts demand.

The company has raised more than $188 million to help its drivers in London upgrade to an electric vehicle.

“Our focus is now on encouraging drivers to upgrade to an electric vehicle, and our partnership with Arrival will help us achieve this goal.”  

Jamie Heywood, Uber regional manager for northern and eastern Europe

Uber and Arrival say the car will prioritise “driver comfort, safety and convenience, while ensuring the passengers enjoy a premium experience.”

Arrival: the electrical vehicle startup founded by Russian billionaire

Arrival is a UK-based electric vehicle startup founded by Russian billionaire Denis Sverdlov.

Most EV companies like Tesla invest hundreds of millions of dollars to build new factories. However, Arrival plans to subvert this practice by using local factories and existing warehouses.

Arrival will use the money saved in this way to offer low-cost EVs. The company has three factories under development – one in the UK and another two in the US.

Arrival car by Uber

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Fancy a ‘flight to nowhere’ to view the super-moon from up in the sky?

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In a bid to rebound from international and domestic border closures, Australian airline… Qantas has offered ‘flights to nowhere’.

Travel-starved Australian residents will have the chance to view the late-May supermoon and full lunar eclipse from over 40,000 feet in the sky.

The moon rises over the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, Tuesday, April 27, 2021. This moon is a supermoon, meaning it appears larger than an average full moon because it is nearer the closest point of its orbit to Earth (AP Photo/Mark Baker)

But if you were hoping to get onboard, you’re already out of luck – the airline says all tickets were snapped up in record time… at just two and a half minutes.

The super-moon joy flight is the latest in a series of Qantas-operated trips to encourage travellers to take up travel in a post-pandemic world.

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World’s largest fast-food restaurant chain now caught up in wage battle

Brittany Coles



Would a pay rise be enough for you to be on the front-line… working at a drive-thru window rather than at home?

Customers are coming back faster than restaurants can staff up.

McDonald’s is the latest U.S giant to raise pay in a move to attract more applicants and keep up with customer demand.

McDonald’s and Chipotle are just some of the latest companies to follow Amazon, Walmart and Costco in boosting wages.

Hospitality workers are some of the lowest paid employees… even though they run the risk of contracting COVID-19 on the job, compared to white-collar employees who can work from home.

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SpaceX will also be orbiting in Google’s cloud?

Brittany Coles



SpaceX and Google have announced a deal.

The new deal will see Starlink ground stations placed in Google data centre properties…with the first to switch on in the second half of the year.

The goal is for businesses to reach cloud services from rural and regional parts of the planet.

Google said that Connectivity from Starlink’s constellation of satellites provides a path for data to be distributed across countries, quickly and securely

“Connectivity from Starlink’s constellation of low-Earth-orbit satellites provides a path for these organisations to deliver data and applications to teams distributed across countries and continents, quickly and securely,” Google said.

Also, Australian fibre provider, Vocus, has put a bid in to host LEO ground stations.

“This means having ground stations in regional areas close to where the end-users are located, to minimise round-trip time,” Vocus general manager for government and strategic projects Michael Ackland said.

In other Elon-related news, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO tweeted earlier this week that the carmaker would stop accepting bitcoin payments.

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