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Uber & Arrival plan to launch electric vehicles for ridesharing



U.K. startup ‘Arrival’ is preparing to build electric buses and delivery vans with Uber

Arrival is parterning with Uber to build the ‘Arrival Car’ – a low-cost electric vehicle for ride-sharing.

Arrival and Uber said in a joint statement the Arrival Car will be an “affordable, purpose-built electric vehicle for ride-hailing,” with production set to begin in 2023.

Uber plans to go electric

Uber plans on offering rides exclusively with electronic vehicles in London by 2025.

The company also plans to sign up 20,000 more drivers in Britain. This comes as the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions boosts demand.

The company has raised more than $188 million to help its drivers in London upgrade to an electric vehicle.

“Our focus is now on encouraging drivers to upgrade to an electric vehicle, and our partnership with Arrival will help us achieve this goal.”  

Jamie Heywood, Uber regional manager for northern and eastern Europe

Uber and Arrival say the car will prioritise “driver comfort, safety and convenience, while ensuring the passengers enjoy a premium experience.”

Arrival: the electrical vehicle startup founded by Russian billionaire

Arrival is a UK-based electric vehicle startup founded by Russian billionaire Denis Sverdlov.

Most EV companies like Tesla invest hundreds of millions of dollars to build new factories. However, Arrival plans to subvert this practice by using local factories and existing warehouses.

Arrival will use the money saved in this way to offer low-cost EVs. The company has three factories under development – one in the UK and another two in the US.

Arrival car by Uber

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Apple delays return to the office as COVID rates spike



Apple has delayed its staff from returning to HQ on a full-time basis

Apple has delayed its workers from returning to the office full time.

Employees who are in the current working in the office two-day-per-week as part of a trial programme will have the option to once again work fully remote if they feel uncomfortable coming into the office.

According to news outlet The Verge, a memo released by Apple’s COVID-19 response team says that its updates are based on current infection rates and hospitalisations.

Apple is also requesting employees who do decide to return to the office to wear masks when in common areas like meeting rooms, hallways, and elevators.

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New findings revealed about shocking China plane crash



New shocking information has been revealed about the China Eastern Airlines plane that crashed in March

The incident that killed 132 people was intentionally flown into the mountainside according to reports.

U.S. officials examined the plane’s black box, uncovering that people within the cockpit deliberately caused the Boeing 737 to veer out of control.

The plane was flying on-route at a normal altitude and speed before it nosedived into a mountain.

Initially experts speculated that the crash was caused by faults in the plane design, which is what caused two other fatal plane crashes in 2018 and 2019, but no officials have indicated any mechanical issues.

The pilot and co-pilot were allegedly in good health with no known motive for crashing the plane.

Chinese authorities say that no emergency code was sent from the plane, meaning it is unlikely that an intruder entered the cockpit.

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Snapchat co-creator and supermodel pay student loans for graduating class



Student loans still get the better of most of us, a pesky debt that hurts the hip pocket

But one graduating class got the ultimate graduation gift

Otis College of Art and Design in Downtown LA got their student loans paid by off by Snapchat co-creator Evan Spiegel and his wife and supermodel Miranda Kerr.

The president of the art college announced the gift as the single largest donation in the history of Otis College.

The previous largest gift to the school was for $10 million and the screams from the students show how much it means to them.

The president says student debt weights heavily on talented graduates and the couple’s donation will be life-changing for the Class of 2022.

Spiegel created the popular instant messaging app with two former Stanford University classmates.

The snapchat co-creator took summer classes at Otis during high school and wanted to give back to the arts college.

Spiegel and wife Miranda were given honorary degrees at the college.

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