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The 2020 Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony is days away, but the stars of the show are being drowned out.

It’s hard to know where to look right now. Even the International Olympic Committee (IOC) President admits they underestimated how complex this undertaking is.

Ticker News dived into the mind of one of the best long distance swimmers of all-time, and asked him: should the Olympics go ahead?

“Depends what hat you put on. If I was someone residing in Japan there’s no way you’d want them to go ahead. If you’re an athlete that’s trained their entire life for this opportunity and not wait the standard four years. Which is a very long time. But five years on this occasion, you definitely want that opportunity to compete. You’re at the peak of your performance.”

Australia’s Grant Hackett celebrates victory in the 1500m freestyle final (Photo by Jon Buckle/EMPICS via Getty Images)

IOC President Thomas Bach said the cost of the Tokyo games is rising.

three days to go until tokyo

Most of these costs are directly related to the event’s 12 month delay. The IOC set up an emergency fund of $150 million for athletes and $800 million for Olympic committees around the world.

Hackett says he’s never seen this much controversy heading into a games but it might offer people want they need right now.

“There’s always a lot of controversy coming into an Olympics. None like this one that we’ve seen. But at the of the day, once those two weeks are over, a lot of people are inspired by those performances. And just seeing what a human being can do.”


The shame is we’ve hardly had time to focus on the athletes themselves. But the former Aussie Olympic team captain is very bullish on the swim team.

“I didn’t expect the team to step up to that sort of standard at the Olympic trials. I thought (given) so much uncertainty, some people in some states have had lockdown issues and haven’t been able to get to facilities and train. While some others have had more freedom.

“But the results and times that we’ve produced were quite phenomenal.”

Hackett says the Australian swimmers could be set for their best Olympics in a very long time.

Hopefully their results don’t get drowned out by the current Covid-19 headlines that continue to dominate.


Update on Brittney Griner’s Moscow appeal



A Moscow regional court has officially set an appeal date of October 25 for American basketball star Brittney Griner

Griner was sentenced to nine years in prison in Russia for smuggling drugs into the country, arrested with less than 1 gram of cannabis oil in her luggage at Moscow’s International Airport back in February.

Details about the appeal hearing have not been released,

It is expected Griner’s team will argue she did not know the cannabis oil was illegal in Russia and that she was only carrying a small amount for personal use.

There have also been rumours that the U.S. is negotiating a prisoner swap with Russia, but it is not clear if Griner is part of those negotiations.

The U.S. has not confirmed or denied the rumours.

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Vigil held for the 125 people killed in stadium disaster




Vigil held for the 125 people killed in Indonesia’s stadium disaster, as the nation mourns

Vigil held for the 125 people have been killed in a crush and riot at a soccer match in Indonesia.

Authorities believe it is one of the world’s worst stadium disasters. Now, the nation stops to mourn the lives that have been lost.

The tragedy unfolded in Malang, in the province of East Java. It followed home side Arema FC loosing 3-2 to Persebaya Surabaya.

East Java police chief Nico Afinta said frustrated Arema supporters invaded the pitch.

Officers responded by firing tear gas in an attempt to control the situation, triggering the crush and cases of suffocation.

Afinta claimed officers had been attacked and cars damaged. He said the crush happened when fans fled for an exit gate.

300 were injured, including 22-year-old Muhammad Rian Dwicahyono who said many friends had lost their lives “because of officers who dehumanized us”.

The head of one of the hospitals in the area treating patients told Metro TV that some of the victims had sustained brain injuries and that the fatalities included a five-year-old child.

On Sunday, Malang residents gathered outside the stadium to lay flowers.

As investigations continue, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has ordered the Football Association of Indonesia to suspend all games in the top league.

World soccer’s governing body FIFA has requested a report on the incident from Indonesia’s PSSI soccer association.

FIFA’s safety regulations say no firearms or “crowd control gas” should be carried or used by stewards or police.

East Java police did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether they were aware of such regulations.

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Business scraps $495m deal with UEFA Champions League



Cryptocurrency exchange has cancelled a five-year sponsorship deal worth $495million with the UEFA Champions League

Major cryptocurrency exchange platform has officially scrapped its deal with the UEFA Champions League.

The in-principle deal would have seen the crypto company take over as the sponsor from Russian state-owned energy company, Gazprom.

Gazprom’s contract was cancelled in March, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. scrapped the deal because of regulatory concerns in the U.K, France and Italy.

The crypto exchange has previously been involved in sports advertising over the past year, with sponsorship into Formula One and the naming rights deal for the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.

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