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Amazon extends moratorium on police use of facial recognition software



Nearly one year ago, Amazon banned the use of its facial recognition software, Rekognition, from being used by US police departments, and now it seems like that ban is set to continue indefinitely.

The initial decision came after nationwide protests against police violence in the US, following the death of George Floyd.

It is unclear how many police departments use facial recognition technology to track down potential suspects or persons of interest.

Nathan Freed Wessler, a deputy project director at the American Civil Liberties Union, expressed support for Amazon’s move and called on federal and state governments to ban law enforcement’s use of the software.

“Face recognition technology fuels the over-policing of Black and Brown communities, and has already led to the false arrests and wrongful incarcerations of multiple Black men,”

Critics have noted research born out of a project called Gender Shades, which showed Rekognition struggled to determine the sex of individuals with darker skin tones. Amazon has contested this.

Pharmacy chain Rite Aid Corp has also suspended the technology at its stores.


Traders hype for small tech firms – are you investing?



Steve Jobs from Apple

Move over Apple, small firms are dominating the stock market

It’s good news for investors with research revealing smaller tech companies will continue to outperform tech giants like Apple

Shares of the largest technology companies have lagged behind their smaller peers recently—and experts at U-B-S think that will continue.

Global Small and mid-sized tech stocks tracked by UBS have risen close to 10 percent in the past month.

This is compared to a gain of less than 5 per cent for major tech stocks.

The company thinks that tech will continue to outperform.. and the smaller players in the sector will put pressure on the largest tech companies.

The UBS team also say that smaller tech players are less likely to be affected by such scrutiny as most governments are looking to level the playing field.

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Here’s how you can get to space by a hot air balloon:



If you’re seeking a post-COVID adventure, heading to space might not be a bad idea

A Florida company is planning to fly passengers to the edge of space in a high-tech hot air balloon.

‘Space Perspective’ is now taking reservations for its Spaceship Neptune flights in early 2024.

Space explorers and travel adventurers looking to upgrade their bucket list will savor 360-degree views of planet Earth from 20 miles above in a luxurious six-hour trip.

Up to eight passengers will have the ability to ride in the pressurised capsule suspended from an enormous blimp.

“We are really reimagining space,”

The six-hour trips will include a two-hour ascent above the Earth’s atmosphere at 100,000 feet.

However – there’s an expensive catch:

To jump on one of these space flights, tickets will set you back $125,000 U-S per person.

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John McAfee found dead



John McAfee

Local media are reporting John McAfee was found dead in Barcelona while awaiting extradition on tax evasion charges in the US.

McAfee was arrested in October at a Spanish airport en route to Turkey on a request from the US Justice Dept.

In recent years McAfee had grown into a larger-than-life character after amassing a more-than $100m fortune on his sale of the anti-virus company. 

The 75-year-old was a crypto enthusiast and conspiracy theorist.

If he had been extradited, he was facing up to 30 years in jail.

He long believed the government was out to get him and two years ago tweeted that “if I kill myself I didn’t.”

McAfee owned 9 homes and a fleet of planes before the 2009 financial crisis when he was hit hard.

He liquidated much of his assets and moved to Belize where he became increasingly unhinged, touting conspiracy theories and eventually going into hiding.

John McAfee founded the popular antivirus software

McAfee primarily develops digital security tools for personal computers and server devices, and more recently, for mobile devices.

McAfee brands, products and sub-products include:

  • IntruShield
  • McAfee Change Control
  • McAfee DAT Reputation[19][20]
  • McAfee E-Business Server
  • McAfee Entercept
  • McAfee SiteAdvisor
  • McAfee VirusScan

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