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Australian woman

I am Miranda Claire (“The Soulmate Coach”) – a relationship (and mindset) expert, speaker, coach and writer plus matchmaker.

My story

Miranda has been a relationship expert for over 11 years after studying and working extensively (over the last two decades) in the area’s of relationships, human behaviour, positive psychology/mindset, matchmaking and personal transformation/development.

She is an internationally certified Master coach and trainer on these topics (above) and has even coached and certified other coaches, psychologists & match makers.

She is passionate about relationships as Miranda has seen so many amazing people struggle with self love and relationships (finding them, keeping them and healing from them).

Miranda get its. She was engaged and planning her wedding after a 7 year relationship and found out her “hubby to be” was having an affair whilst she was trying on wedding dresses and looking at venues. So, she found herself heartbroken and planning a tinder profile rather than her wedding and decided that she wanted to make a difference in the areas of self love and soulmates.

She is now happily loved up with her Soulmate (after surviving all the painful dress rehearsals by using her own tools on herself (to navigate the relationship roller coaster adventures)…

And by the way, her story above is just the tip of the relationship iceberg. Miranda has been from HELL to the HONEYMOON and back. She tells you all this because SHE GETS IT. SHE gets YOU. 

And she want to help.

Miranda Claire is an experienced and dynamic Relationship Expert, Match Maker & Motivational Speaker.

She is known as “The Soulmate Coach” because she helps singles meet their soul mate and couples find their spark! Mindset, Magnetism, Matchmaking & MORE.

She integrates Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy (TM), Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Manifestation and even Match Making to get REAL RESULTS with her clients (including many celebrities, Dr’s, Psychologists, Athletes and even Astronauts (as well as every day amazing people) and she has helped thousands of people from all over the world transform their mindset and relationships.

More info and links below (feel free to research and add on social media to stay connected.

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– Instagram – @thesoulmatecoach

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Accelerating cybersecurity skills in the workforce



The increasing demand for cybersecurity talent is ramping up to meet industry needs

The Australian cyber sector currently employs 26,500 people but increasing demand for talent means an estimated 30,000 jobs will need to be created by 2026 to meet industry needs. Globally, the cybersecurity industry projects a massive 3.5 million jobs will be unfulfilled by 2025.

Australia’s largest ASX listed cyber security company, Tesserent (ASX:TNT), is investing over $250,000 to develop cybersecurity talent from diverse backgrounds, age cohorts and genders to accelerate the future pipeline of talent in cybersecurity.

Tesserent’s CEO Kurt Hansen joined us to discuss how the free ‘100 Day Challenge’ program will help accelerate 100 participants in cybersecurity skills.

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Our second brain



It has been described as the organ that heavily influences a person’s mood even more than the brain

It has been described as the organ that heavily influences a person’s mood even more than the brain – Your stomach.

Scientist have found that the gut behaves like a second brain to the body. So how does the brain impact your gut and mood?

Clayton Thomas, CEO & Founder of The ROOT Brands explains his thoughts as to how the brain can have an impact on your gut, which scientists call the “gut/brain axis connection”.

Harvard Medical School recently found that a person’s stomach or intestinal distress can be a cause of anxiety, stress or even depression. Other studies show people with mood disorders have a gut microbiome. Research has also shown that 50 percent of all dopamine and roughly 95 percent of all serotonin are produced in a person’s gut and both of these play a crucial role in a person’s mood.

The Green Edition is presented by The ROOT Brands – Inspiring Greatness with natural solutions for people to reach their highest and healthiest potential.

For all media inquiries, please get in touch here:

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The impacts of bad money mindsets



Bad money mindsets are leading people down a bad economic path, so how can you get your head in the financial game?

Money mindsets have the potential to lead people down a bad economic path, so how can you get your head in the financial game and break bad mindsets to turn it into a much more positive approach towards money?

CIA Tax’s Dr Steven Enticott describes a bad money mindset where someone’s always saying, “I’m really bad at money”, “I’m never going to be able to save money”.

However, this mindset can be changed with a few simple steps – to turn your attitude to turn your money habits around.

Money Matters is sponsored by CIA Tax.

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