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The Victorian Government Minister for Solar Homes, Lily D’Ambrosio, reveals a new program of $3,500 grants, for small businesses to install solar power systems. As a result, the grants will help businesses cut back on electricity bills and boost jobs in the solar industry.

Cutting electricity bills:

The new program, “Solar For Business,” will allow Victorian small businesses to apply for rebates to install rooftop solar. This will see business owners slash their electricity bills and reduce upfront costs of installation. Businesses will save hundreds of dollars on their annual energy bills and reap the benefits of the solar panels longevity. Any Victorian small business employing 20 or less people will be eligible.

The program will run with the Labor Government’s $1.3 billion Solar Homes Program. Minister for Solar Homes, Lily D’Ambrosio, says a key focus is to help businesses save cash.

“We know small businesses have been doing it tough. That’s why we want to encourage small businesses-from cafes to manufacturers and retail- to get solar panels and save hundreds of dollars a year on their bills.”

Lily d’ambrosio

Creating jobs in the solar industry:

As Victoria remains in its fourth lockdown, the program will also create jobs for the solar industry, with thousands of panels being installed across the state. The program is available for systems with a capacity of up to 30kW. In addition, it will see 15 000 solar PV rebates delivered over three years. The solar systems must be delivered by authorised retailers and installers and included in Solar Victoria’s approved product list.

By putting solar panels on businesses right across Victoria, we are creating more than 200 jobs in the solar industry”

lily d’ambrosio

Andy McCarthy is a mover and shaker in the solar industry. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Director at leading solar business, RACV solar. RACV solar is located in the Gippsland, the centre of coal country. but he is defying the odds, making it the home of his solar empire. McCarthy says the grants are a big push in the right direction.

“A wonderful announcement…Can’t wait to roll up our sleeves


Small businesses, the solar industry and the climate will benefit from the “Solar For Business Program.”

For more information, including eligibility criteria and authorised retailers, can be found at Applications are now open.

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Emirates post biggest loss in three decades



Emirates has recorded its biggest yearly loss in three decades.

In a tweet the Emirates group announced it lost $6 billion USD for the 2020/2021 past year.

The airline blamed the worldwide travel restrictions as the main driver of the slump.

The group’s revenue was $9.7billion USD, a decline of 66 percent over last years results.

Emirates revealed their current cash balance is now at $5.4 billion USD which is down 23 percent from last year mainly due to the weak demand in air travel caused by multiple pandemic-related lockdowns.

Emirates also confirmed in a statement that they did receive a capital injection of $3.1 billion USD from the Dubai Government who is the ultimate shareholder of the Middle Eastern Carrier.

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Way of the future: The Flying Taxi



Instead of booking an Uber to an airport how about a flying taxi to get to your flight on time?

Virgin Atlantic is the latest company to explore whether it could launch a flying taxi service.

The airline suggests electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles could fly between towns and major airports.

Several companies have promoted the idea of “flying taxis” that could pick passengers up from rooftops in city centres and take them to a variety of locations but Virgin Atlantic’s suggestion is slightly sleeker.

The proposed craft will carry four passengers and a pilot up to 100 miles as well as being emission-free and quieter than a traditional helicopter.

What is the idea?

Several companies have promoted the idea of autonomous “flying taxis” that could pick passengers up from rooftops in the city and then take them to the main transport hub such as an airport.

Virgin Atlantic’s suggestion is slightly tamer.

It has proposed that an eVTOL aircraft could pick people up from a city such as Cambridge and fly them to a major airport such as Heathrow Airport in London.

Vertical Aerospace says its VA-X4 craft will be able to carry four passengers and a pilot up to 100 miles, as well as being emissions-free and quieter than a helicopter.

The company claims it will be “near silent” when cruising.

It has already partnered with American Airlines to bring out these new taxi’s as well as Avolon, an aircraft-leasing company.

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Wall street soars, investors countdown key Fed meeting.



Investors appear to be buying what the Federal Reserve is selling at the minute, that is they’re shrugging off those pesky inflation concerns.

The Nasdaq and S&P 500 hit fresh record-highs ahead of the Fed meeting this week.

VFS Group’s James Whelan says there’s one key question in all of this.

“Will the Fed care about the market reaction? That’s the playbook for the next six months. Inflation, Fed response, market response to the Fed, and then will the market actually care? We’ve had four years of the Fed caring about everything the market did.”


The four years Whelan’s referring to are the Donald Trump years, where the former President often boasted of how strongly Wall Street performed.

But not everyone trusts the central bank right now, billionaire hedge funder Paul Tudor Jones is cynical.

“He (Tudor) called the stock market crash in ’87. History is on his side for calling big things. He’s saying if he doesn’t see any sort of commentary from the Fed this week, he’s going all-in on every inflationary hedge there is”


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. | Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo

Expectations remain that the central bank will hold tight, and keep pace with their bond purchases.

James King of AFEX says the amount of stimulus that’s entered the market over the last 18 months is extraordinary.

“The last 18 months or so there’s been a meteoric rise in the Fed’s balance sheet. From four trillion dollars to almost eight trillion dollars in an 18 month period”

Federal Reserve Bank

The next update is due Wednesday US time, and all investors will be watching.

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