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Russia to quit International Space Station



Russia’s space agency Roscosmos has announced it will end its participation in the International Space Station program by 2024

Roscosmos chief Yuri Borisov said that Russia would fulfil its obligations to its partners on the ISS before leaving the project.

Russia had previously said it would end its contributions to the joint multinational space endeavour until sanctions were lifted by western nations.

After 2024 Russia wants to focus on its own Russian space orbital platform.


The ISS is one of the few examples where, until now, science largely trumped geopolitics and the international condemnation of Russia and its invasion of Ukraine.

The space station is jointly run by the space agencies of Russia, the U.S., Europe, Japan and Canada.

The station has been orbiting earth since 1998 when the first piece was put in place.

Since then it’s had a human presence on board for nearly 22 years with US astronauts and Russian cosmonauts working side by side.

Earlier this month, Russia and the USA signed an agreement to allow Russian cosmonauts to travel to the station on US spacecraft and vice versa.

Dr Leroy Chiao, a former ISS commander and retired astronaut says Russia might be bluffing.

“I think this is posturing by the Russians. They don’t have the money to build their own station and it would take several years to do it. They’ve got nothing else if they go this route”

Dr Leroy Chiao, former ISS commander and retired US astronaut – to the BBC

He said in an interview with the BBC that he thinks Russia will ultimately decide not to leave the project.

The ISS is used to conduct scientific research in zero gravity and test out equipment for future space journeys.

It was designed with the deliberate intention of making US and Russian space operations on the orbital platform largely dependent on each other.

The news that Russia wants to end its collaboration with an international space program is not entirely without precedent.

The European Space Agency and Roscosmos ended their cooperation on the ExoMars Mission some weeks ago.

The ExoMars mission would have scouted for sings of life on Mars using a European rover.

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Majority back ban on Trump 2024 bid if convicted



More than half of surveyed voters express support for preventing Donald Trump from appearing on the 2024 ballot if he is convicted of a crime, according to a recent poll.


The findings highlight the political ramifications of potential legal actions against the former president. The NewsNation and Decision Desk HQ survey, reveals a significant sentiment among voters favouring disqualification in the event of a criminal conviction.

The data indicates that 57% of respondents believe Trump should be barred from running in the next presidential election if found guilty of a crime. This sentiment is notably divided along party lines, with a majority of Democrats supporting disqualification, while Republicans are more split on the matter. The potential impact on Trump’s political future is a subject of intense speculation, with legal proceedings and public opinion closely intertwined.

As legal challenges and investigations continue to surround Trump, the poll underscores the importance of public perception in shaping the trajectory of his political career. The survey, which sampled [number] voters across [regions], serves as a barometer for the prevailing attitudes towards accountability and eligibility for public office. The results suggest that Trump’s legal standing could have far-reaching consequences beyond the courtroom, influencing his political standing in the eyes of the electorate.

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Huge reveal from gaming company Rockstar shows GTA VI



Rockstar Games surprises fans with an early release of the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer following an online leak.


In a stunning reveal, the highly anticipated “Grand Theft Auto VI” trailer has finally hit the gaming community, and it’s not holding back on the mayhem. Rockstar Games, known for pushing boundaries, seems to have outdone itself this time, showcasing a virtual world teeming with criminal escapades and high-stakes action.


Rockstar  embraced a leak and unveiled the official trailer ahead of schedule. Fans are speculating on new features and plot twists, creating a buzz on social media.

Now, the gaming community eagerly dissects every frame of the trailer, searching for additional details beyond the leaked material.

The trailer opens with a breathtaking skyline of the fictional metropolis, setting the stage for a narrative that promises to be as immersive as it is controversial. From high-speed car chases to pulse-pounding shootouts, the snippets offer a glimpse into the sheer scale and detail the developers have poured into the latest installment. Fans are already dissecting every frame, eagerly speculating on the storyline and characters that will drive this blockbuster game.

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Is ‘AI’ coming to a weather forecast near you?



Google study finds that ‘AI’ outperformed conventional weather forecasting for the first time.

According to statistics, the average person checks the weather forecast on their phone several times a day.

One day soon you may be seeing a weather forecast generated by artificial intelligence — and it could improve the accuracy of modern weather forecasting.

A recent study in the journal, Science describes how an AI weather forecast model from Google’s DeepMind significantly outperformed conventional weather forecasting methods.

Oz Sultan, the Chief Strategist with the Sultan Interactive Group joins Veronica Dudo to discuss. #featured #AI #artificialintelligence #In america today #weather #weatherforecasting

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