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Russia to quit International Space Station



Russia’s space agency Roscosmos has announced it will end its participation in the International Space Station program by 2024

Roscosmos chief Yuri Borisov said that Russia would fulfil its obligations to its partners on the ISS before leaving the project.

Russia had previously said it would end its contributions to the joint multinational space endeavour until sanctions were lifted by western nations.

After 2024 Russia wants to focus on its own Russian space orbital platform.


The ISS is one of the few examples where, until now, science largely trumped geopolitics and the international condemnation of Russia and its invasion of Ukraine.

The space station is jointly run by the space agencies of Russia, the U.S., Europe, Japan and Canada.

The station has been orbiting earth since 1998 when the first piece was put in place.

Since then it’s had a human presence on board for nearly 22 years with US astronauts and Russian cosmonauts working side by side.

Earlier this month, Russia and the USA signed an agreement to allow Russian cosmonauts to travel to the station on US spacecraft and vice versa.

Dr Leroy Chiao, a former ISS commander and retired astronaut says Russia might be bluffing.

“I think this is posturing by the Russians. They don’t have the money to build their own station and it would take several years to do it. They’ve got nothing else if they go this route”

Dr Leroy Chiao, former ISS commander and retired US astronaut – to the BBC

He said in an interview with the BBC that he thinks Russia will ultimately decide not to leave the project.

The ISS is used to conduct scientific research in zero gravity and test out equipment for future space journeys.

It was designed with the deliberate intention of making US and Russian space operations on the orbital platform largely dependent on each other.

The news that Russia wants to end its collaboration with an international space program is not entirely without precedent.

The European Space Agency and Roscosmos ended their cooperation on the ExoMars Mission some weeks ago.

The ExoMars mission would have scouted for sings of life on Mars using a European rover.

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New York Stock Exchange in free fall



Human error sends the New York Stock Exchange tumbling

We’ve all made mistakes at the office from time to time, but spare a thought for one worker who may have single-handedly brought down the New York Stock Exchange with just one tiny error.

The mistake of one employee has wiped billions of dollars off the charts for some of the globe’s largest companies.

The individual reportedly triggered wild swings and volatility on the New York Stock Exchange.

A number of big brand names were caught up in the catastrophe. It included McDonald’s, Walmart, and Mobil.

The NYSE eventually came clean. Officials admitted the“root cause” of the screw-up was a “manual error” from a staff member in the backup data centre.

The employee accidentally left the system running.

That’s why some stocks behaved as if trading had already started, with no opening prices being set, sending the market into a meltdown. #trending #featured

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Bombshell pro-Russian video emerges from Australian Open



A bombshell video has emerged of the father of tennis star Novak Djokovic, amplifying the Russian controversy the Australian Open

Djokovic’s father was seen posing for pictures with a group of Putin supporters after his son won against Russia’s Andrey Rublev, to qualify for his 10th semi-final.

Russian flags have been banned from the Australian Open, but that didn’t stop one fan.

A man was seen holding a Russian flag with Putin’s face on it and wearing a t-shirt with the pro-war ‘Z’ symbol on it.

Four spectators were questioned by police and evicted from Melbourne Park.

After losing her semi-final, Belarusian Viktoria Azarenka hit back at media when pressed on tennis’ relationship with Russia’s war on Ukraine.

She told reporters incidents like Novak’s father posing with Russian fans have nothing to do with players.

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FBI Director discusses classified documents as U.S. lawmakers demand answers



Bipartisan outrage on Capitol Hill as politicians say the Biden administration is stonewalling their quest for answers

FBI Director Christopher Wray is speaking out for the first time after several batches of classified documents were discovered in U.S. President Joe Biden’s Wilmington home and Washington think tank office.

On Thursday, Wray urged lawmakers and officials to be “conscious of the rules” when dealing with classified documents.

The statements appear to be a veiled criticism of President Biden after news broke that some of the classified papers in the President’s possession date back 14-years ago to when Biden was a Delaware Senator raising questions if this is a pattern for the president to mishandle classified information.

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, there is bipartisan outrage as lawmakers say the Biden administration is stonewalling them in their quest for answers.

Currently, both Biden and former President Donald Trump are facing special counsel investigations into their mishandling of classified documents—and just this week, former Vice President Mike Pence turned over classified documents to the DOJ.

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