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RuPaul’s Drag Race: Do you come from the land down under?



Rupaul’s Drag Race Down Under is here, it’s queer and we can’t wait to witness the uniqueness, nerve and talent that Australia and New Zealand has to offer.

It all kicked off on Friday night with a lavish event at the Sydney Opera House, hosted by television commentator, David Campbell.

Although RuPaul herself was nowhere to be seen, singer Rita Ora and director Taika Waititi were in the audience to cheer the queens on as the first screening was played.

But it was on Saturday May 1 when, after years of speculation and months hype, the Stan Original Series officially aired to the world.

But who are the queens who are gracing our screens?

Drum roll, please…



Entrance Quote: “It’s time to wiggle it”

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Instagram: @anitawigilit

Age: 31


Entrance Quote: “Well, I’m not here to fuck spiders”

Location: Geelong, Victoria

Instagram: @artist_

Age: 28


Entrance Quote: “Oh my good-gay-girlie God you guys, this is what the fuss was about. Sorry, I lied Sydney”

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Instagram: @_cocojumbo

Age: 30


Entrance Quote: “Bite the pillows ladies, mama’s a ho and she’s going in dry”

Location: New Castle, New South Wales

Instagram: @jojo_zaho

Age: 30


Entrance Quote: “I was a model before the accident”

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Instagram: @therealelektrashock

Age: 28


Entrance Quote: “How delightfully camp!”

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Instagram: @kitamean

Age: 34


Entrance Quote: “You can’t kill a cockroach”

Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Instagram: @etceteraetcetera

Age: 23


Entrance Quote: “What the bloody hell’s going on around here?”

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Instagram: @maxishield

Age: 46


Entrance Quote: “I can’t see this mark anywhere…. look’s like we’re gonna need a bigger locker for this hat” 

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Instagram: @karenfromfinance

Age: 32


Entrance Quote: “Who’s ready to paint the town Scarlet?”

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Instagram: @scarletadamsdragqueen

Age: 28

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Nintendo concludes E3 expo



The E3 entertainment expo showcased a host of brand new video games and content exciting fans this week.

Whilst Microsoft stole the show earlier in the week with new footage from their flagship franchise Halo: Infinite trending through social media.

Nintendo capped off the celebrations with a Nintendo Direct presentation sharing a glimpse into what the highly secretive company has been working on. Including a look at the anticipated sequel in the Zelda franchise which will be released next year, according to Nintendo.

The next game is currently known casually as Breath of the Wild 2, and is set to expand on the open world gameplay established in the original.

A focus on heading skyward players can now explore the world above the mythical land of Hyrule via fractured islands – Final details for the game have yet to be confirmed but fans are speculating wildly as to how the epic story will unfold.

A brief trailer showcased the game’s hero Link using abilities that go far beyond what players experienced in the first game.

Nintendo didn’t mention the rumoured upgrade of the Switch during the E3 video game showcase.

Other new titles included a look at the new Mario Golf, WarioWare: get it together, Mario Party Superstars and an exciting new 2D Metroid – Metroid: Dread game which was a pleasant surprise for fans of the series!

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Electronic Entertainment Expo stuns gamers!



Gaming fans have been keeping a keen eye on the Electronic Entertainment Expo this week.

Big game publishers have not disappointed… With a host of new games on the way there is barely enough space to mention them all here!

Studios like Nintendo, Microsoft, Capcom, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Square Enix and Sega (to name a few) have been sharing their latest games and hardware this week!

Independent developers have also had their chance to shine with small studios sharing heartfelt and clever games that – at times, outshine the big players.

Halo: Infinite will have free to play multiplayer across Xbox and PC

One game in particular has shone bright – Halo: Infinite is promising a return to form with the series now offering free Multiplayer which looks set to boost the communities numbers – 343 industries has promised that fans both old and new will find something to enjoy!

Battlefield 2042 feels like a love letter to fans of the series offering a “return to all-out war”

Battlefield continued to excite fans with a new gameplay reveal and the game even looks well placed to dethrone their competitors – Call Of Duty: Warzone when it releases in October.

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Why Youtube is banning these ads



You’ll no longer see alcohol, gambling, or politics ads when you visit YouTube.

According to YouTube’s ad support page, ads in the masthead slot can “drive massive reach or awareness,” but now the video platform will no longer be approving ads relating to these areas for its masthead ad slot, which appears at both the top of the website and the app.

As it’s one of the first things users see when they open YouTube… Google says it will help lead to a better overall experience for consumers.

As for politics… it will help avoid backlash, like when then-President Donald Trump purchased the top ad-slot for three days during the 2020 election.


According to Google, last year the company changed the slot to show targeted ads, rather than ones that had been reserved for an entire day.

Google has tried to balance its policies to determine what it does and doesn’t show in ads.

The tech giant has also audited ads that used hate speech, political misinformation and conspiracy theories.

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