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Ukraine Crisis

Climate Change: why there will be an increase on lawsuits



As the climate debate continues, researchers say there will be a significant increase in the number of lawsuits brought against fossil fuel-creating companies.

In the new study, it was found that lawyers are commonly failing to use the most up-to-date scientific climate research to back their claims, meaning the cases often fail.

But as evidence linking particular weather events to increasing carbon emissions continues to develop, experts say we will see more and more successful compensation claims.

Whilst there have been some notable climate-related lawsuits..there have only been a few successful cases where compensation is sought for damages caused by climate change linked to human activity.

Oil, gas, coal and other emissions producers are aware of the legal moves to lean on advanced science to prove responsibility… and they are worried.

Researchers say that the cases “seem to have merit and have a chance of success and the risk perception of investors in the fossil fuel industry could quite rapidly change so that emissions could one day be seen as liabilities”.

What’s the hold up in China?

China’s long-awaited national carbon market is set to miss the government’s target to have trading underway by the end of June.

It’s unclear when the system will begin operating, a spokesperson with the Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange says that trading won’t now happen until after July 1 because of a lack of organisation, according to a person familiar with its development.

It’s unclear how long the start will be delayed, according to the person.

It’s a fresh set-back for what will be the world’s largest carbon market, in terms of greenhouse gas emissions covered.

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Ukraine Crisis

Russia takes control of pivotal eastern Ukraine city



Russia has taken control of the Ukrainian city of Lysychans’k

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has been briefed on the latest military moves. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s military says it has been “forced to withdraw” from the critical city.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky says the retreat away from the city was done to save the lives of troops.

Fresh videos have also emerged of Ukraine’s drones in action.

Pro-Russia separatists had already claimed a victory in the area, saying the town has been “liberated.”

Meanwhile, Anthony Albanese is the first Australian Prime Minister to visit Ukraine.

During a briefing with President Zelensky, the new P-M says Australia will provide 100 million dollars in military and technical might, as well as banning Russian gold imports.

He says Australia will support Ukraine for as long as it takes the win the war.

Albanese traveled to the towns of Bucha, Irpin, and Hostomel, which were some of the first victims of the war.

Surrounded by heavy security, the P-M witnessed first-hand the “devastating” atrocities carried out.

Although Russia denies the attacks, Albanese says they’re “a war crime”.

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Ukraine Crisis

Russia abandons Black Sea outpost ‘Snake Island



Russia has departed the strategic Black Sea outpost ‘Snake Island’ with many viewing this as a win for Ukraine

The abandonment of this outpost could loosen Russia’s grip over Ukrainian ports.

Russia says the withdrawal is a “gesture of goodwill” demonstrating it is not obstructing U.N. efforts to open a humanitarian corridor.

But Ukraine disputes this, saying its military forces have driven Russia away, following an artillery and missile assault.

The chief of staff to Volodymyr Zelensky tweeted “KABOOM!”,confirming no Russian troops are on the Snake Island anymore.

This of course comes as Sweden and Finland join NATO, with Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg noting the strategic alliance is ready for all eventualities.

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Ukraine Crisis

How much financial aid can the U.S. provide Ukraine?



The U.S. and NATO will stick by Ukraine for ‘as long as it takes’ continuing to aid the nation as it stands up to Putin’s war machine

As the historic summit wraps up, the military alliance has promised to deliver hundreds of thousands of additional troops to defend eastern Europe.

Joe Biden also announced a further $800 million in military aid for Ukraine.

When pressed about just how much financial aid the U.S. can provide, Biden remained firm in his support for the war-torn country.

The war is now in its fifth month, and not even the U-S President is game to predict how the conflict is going to end, but he is confident it won’t end with a Russian defeat of Ukraine.

Biden labeled the NATO summit ‘historic’ as the West reacts to ongoing Russian aggression and the ever-increasing global dominance of China.

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