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Largest comet ever seen is heading towards Earth – will we survive it?



Nasa scientists have announced a shocking find – a comet heading towards Earth

The world was put on pause because of coronavirus and we’re seeing natural disaster after disaster being recorded, so it feels like we’re just continuing to fend off one threat after another.

But there’s another coming our way and this time it’s a comet – the largest one we’ve ever seen.

The nucleus of the comet is 50 times bigger than normal.

Now it initially raised alarms as it was seen flying into Earth at nearly 36,000 kilometres per hour.

But it’s not actually likely that it’ll crash into us, the closest it will get is about 8 billion kilometres away from the Sun and that won’t be until 2031.

Nasa’s Hubble telescope spotted the comet, measuring its nucleus have a mass of around 500 trillion tonnes and 137 kilometres wide, larger than the country of Luxembourg.

Now we’ve known about this comet for quite some time now it was first seen in 2010 but the Hubble only confirmed its existence just now.

Astronomy experts say the size of the comet didn’t come as as surprise as it was already very bright at such a large distance.

In terms of where these comets even come from Nasa describes them as ice lego blocks that were left over when planets were first constructed.

These comets were then thrown out of the Solar System due to a gravitational pull from other outer planets.

They all gathered in what is called the Oort Cloud a group of comets that circle our universe.

The comet is now less than 3 billion kilometres from the Sun.


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Big tech stocks tumble amid market uncertainty



Big tech companies are struggling in the markets this quarter as interest rates rise to battle inflation

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has devalued tech stocks causing further supply chain disruptions and sending the broad S&P 500 index down about 5 per cent.

Rising interest rates triggered more severe plummets with the S&P dropping another 16 per cent and the Nasdaq Composite index by 22 per cent.

Tesla’s stock took a huge hit sinking to nearly 38 per cent its largest decline since 2010.

Amazon saw similar results falling by 35 per cent the most in over 20 years.

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Google to pay millions to app developers



App developers are accusing Google of tempting users into making in-app purchases.

The lawsuit relates to money that was made by app creators for Android smartphones.

The lawsuit was filed in a San Francisco court, where the 48,000 app developers are believed to have been affected.

“Following our win against Apple for similar conduct, we think this pair of settlements sends a strong message to big tech: the law is watching, and even the most powerful companies in the world are accountable when they stifle competition.”

Steve Berman, ATTORNEY FOR the Android developers.

Google says the settlement’s funds will support developers who have made less than USD $2 million in revenue between 2016 and 2021.

“A vast majority of U.S. developers who earned revenue through Google Play will be eligible to receive money from this fund, if they choose,” the company says.

Google says it will charge developers a 15 per cent commission on their first million in revenue.

The court is yet to approve the proposed settlement.

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