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Japan court rules ban on same-sex marriage is allowed



There are concerns for equality in Japan after a court ruled a ban on same-sex marriage is not unconstitutional.

It’s a major blow for the country’s gay couples, with Japan remaining the only G-7 member nation not to allow people of the same sex to wed.

This is all despite wide-sweeping opinion polls which show a majority of the public is actually in favour of marriage equality.

Several regions have now begun issuing partnership certificates in an attempt to help impacted couples rent properties together and gain hospital visitation rights.

This most recent case in Osaka was brought forward by three same-sex couples, two male and one female.

Japan’s constitution currently defines marriage as being based on “the mutual consent of both sexes”.

The court found marriage is still defined as being only between opposite genders… noting not enough debate on same-sex marriage has taken place in the country to warrant changing this.

Under current rules, same-sex couples living in Japan are also unable to inherit their partner’s assets, and have no parental rights over their partner’s children.

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UN: world is one step away from a devastating war



The UN warns the world is one step away from nuclear annihilation, taking us back to the days of the Cold War

Secretary General Antonio Guterres believes we have been ‘extraordinarily lucky so far’, but one misstep could lead to catastrophe.

As global tensions rise, he is urging all leaders to renew a push towards eliminating all nuclear warheads.

The comments were made at the opening of a conference for countries signed up to the nuclear Treaty.

This treaty is designed to stop the spread of nuclear weapons… and almost every nation on Earth is signed up, including the five biggest nuclear powers.

Guterres says the ‘luck’ we have enjoyed so-far is not a good long-term strategy.

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At what times does the world invest in crypto?



New figures are out on when the most activity on the Bitcoin Network happens

Coin Metrics has found European and U.S. business hours is a hotspot for crypto investment on the Bitcoin Network.

It’s understood U.S. investors use the services in the morning hours, while Europe waits for later in the day.

Analysts are reporting a drop in the share of activity happening during Asian hours.

It seems like the use of Bitcoin in Asian markets fell around a year ago, which coincides with China’s crack downs on crypto mining.

The figures looked at when changes to wallets took place, before they were segmented based on the opening hours of various global exchanges.

Coin Metrics looked specifically at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, and the New York Stock Exchange.

Analysts also looked at Ethereum data, which is less clear than Bitcoin. However, the company believes Ethereum trading also tends to occur during U.S. waking hours.

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Why is F1 champion Vettel retiring?



F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel is about to do the polar opposite of what his life has been like for the last 15 years

What an entrance to social media, he created an instagram account and posted this black and white video and announced his retirement that shocked everyone.

He used insta to reveal in the self-filmed video that this would be his 15th and last season.

As he clocked up 53 victories to put him third on the all-time list…why did he call it quits now?

His 2 year deal with Aston Martin expires at the end of the year

So at the age of 35, he’s keen to spend more time with his children and pushing for change outside F1 – whether that’s for greater equality or a push for sustainability and kindness to the environment.

Vettel has decided it’s time… who will replace him? well that still remains a mystery for now.

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