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Why did the U.S block the UN from enforcing an official ceasefire?



The violence in Gaza has officially come to an end as the ceasefire agreement reached between Israel and Hamas officially came into force on Friday morning.

“The question becomes – Why is it that the United States blocked the UN from enforcing an official ceasefire,” Andray Domise, Editor at Maclean’s Magazine, said on tickerNEWS.

The U.S blocked a joint statement calling for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, reportedly five times, before the offical ceasefire came into action.

“It’s very good the hostility has come to a close, but it doesn’t mean the conditions within Palestine have changed”

What’s happening with the ceasefire?

Israel’s security council says the end of the 11-day conflict with the Hamas militants was proposed by Egypt and will be “mutual and unconditional”.

It follows US President Joe Biden yesterday putting pressure on Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bring an end to the violence immediately.

Biden has applauded the moves to end the violence and has vowed to continue with “quiet, relentless diplomacy”.

The President of Egypt provided to security delegations who will work to uphold the ceasefire.

The impact of the conflict has been immense, the violence between Israel and Hamas has been described by man as the worst in decades.

What will happen after the ceasefire?

Andray Domise on the conditions in palestine

Domise says there needs to be more than “just a restructure of Gaza”

“Regardless of whatever treaties are signed… the annexations continue.”

Previously, Egypt was able to broker on behalf of the Palestinians. However, after Arab Springs, “there is less of an interest to stand with the people of Gaza”, Domise adds.

“It’s almost as if the Palestinian people have fewer and fewer friends in the region as time goes on.”

“Netanyahu has been incredibly antagonistic towards the Palestinian people” As Israel & Hamas agree to a ceasefire.

Domise says peace won’t be restored until the @IsraeliPM and those who are in his Government leave politics.

Is there a social media war on how the conflict is being played out online?

Andrew Selepak, Media Professor at the University of Florida says social media impacts how we see world events, including the unfolding situation between Israel and Hamas.

University of Florida Professor @aselepak
breaks down why it’s so problematic.

“There is a lot of potential for false information…. that potentially is going to lead to more conflict.”

When did the conflict between Israel and Hamas start?

The fighting began on the 10th of May.

Tensions were brought to a head at a holy site revered by both Jews and Muslims

At least 232 people have lost their lives in Gaza, 100 of whom are women and children

12 Israelis died, this figure includes two children.

Around 4,000 rockets were fired by Hamas militants into Israeli territory

ticker’s Adrian Franklin details footage from Gaza showing citizens celebrating the end of the conflict.

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BREAKING: Shots ring out at Trump rally



Donald Trump was whisked off the stage at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania after loud noises rang through the crowd.

Trump was showing off a chart of border crossing numbers when bangs started ringing through the crowd. Trump could be seen reaching with his right hand toward his neck. There appeared to be blood on his face.

He quickly ducked behind the riser as agents from his protective detail rushed the stage and screams rang out from the crowd. The bangs continued as agents tended to him on stage.

His motorcade has left the venue.

In a statement, Trump says he is “fine” and says he is being checked at a medical facility.

Donald Trump was safe, the U.S. Secret Service and his campaign said on Saturday after multiple shots rang out at a rally by the Republican presidential candidate in Pennsylvania as video showed Trump grimacing and raising a hand to his right ear.
The former president had just started his speech when gunshots erupted and Trump and other rally attendees hit the deck. Secret Service agents swarmed around him and live video showed blood on the right side of Trump’s face and ear.
Trump repeatedly raised his fist in the air, with an American flag visible behind him, as security ushered him away.
“The Secret Service has implemented protective measures and the former president is safe,” a spokesperson for the agency said on X after what it called an incident.
“This is now an active Secret Service investigation and further information will be released when available.”

A map of the site, showing where the alleged gunman was situated compared to Donald Trump.

CNN reported that Trump was injured, but gave no other details. It was not clear how or what injuries he may have sustained.

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