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Dogecoin fans to fetch a piece of Kabosu thanks to new NFT offer



This is no joke – Dogecoin has pieces of its famous Shiba up for grabs, you just need to understand the process first.

You could soon own a piece of Kabosu

Dogecoin, the original “meme” coin, has one-upped itself yet again, with pieces of the crypto puzzle up for grabs thanks to a new offer by NFT owner PleasrDAO.

Doge fans will soon be eligible to buy their own share of the famous Kabosu image – the Shiba Inu from Japan who is the face of the cryptocurrency, in the form of $DOG tokens.

But like all things crypto, it doesn’t come without a puzzling process.

Let’s get down to business

After the NFT is fractionalised, those that want to get their hand on the prize will have to battle it out at a “batch-auction” sale on Miso.

Participants will then receive distributions of $DOG tokens before Sushiswap enables them to be brought and sold separately from dodgecoin.

While Dogecoin fans are able to get their hands on a piece of Kabosu, the digital artists, NFT collectors and DeFi leaders of PleasrDAO will largely possess ownership.

Jamis Johnson, chief pleasing officer of PleasrDAO, is thrilled to have fans of the meme coin take part in its future.

“Doge is unquestionably the king of all memes, and PleasrDAO could not be more excited to invite anyone in the world to own a piece of something so integral to the cultural history of the internet.”

Jamis Johnson

“The future is bright for communities built around the shared possession of an idea and we believe fractionalized Doge, the Mona Lisa of the internet, will be a shining example of this odd new world we live in.”

Dogecoin, originally created to ridicule Bitcoin, has progressed substantially in the crypto world.

What started off as a joke, now has a circulating supply worth more than $1.25 billion with 1 Doge worth $0.28 US.

$DOG tokens will be available for sale on Wednesday.

Written by Rebecca Borg


We know how the crypto market will recover, but when?



$2.2 Trillion Institutional Crypto Price Prediction Reveals Bitcoin And Ethereum Could Be Poised For Recovery

The crypto market took a huge hit after the Federal Reserve’s announcement of quantitative easing, but one analyst is predicting that both bitcoin and ethereum could stage a recovery in the near future.

According to a report from investment firm JP Morgan, the two largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization could see prices rise to $14,000 and $3,900 per coin, respectively.

This would represent a significant rebound from their current levels of around $10,000 and $200.

The report cites the recent influx of institutional investors into the crypto space as a key driver of this price growth.

With more and more big money players getting involved in crypto, JP Morgan predicts that the market could soon see a “new paradigm” of price discovery.

So far, crypto has been largely driven by retail investors, who are often more prone to emotional buying and selling.

With institutional investors coming in, there could be more stability in the market and less volatility.

JP Morgan’s report is just one of many bullish crypto predictions that have come out in recent months.

With more and more mainstream companies and financial institutions taking crypto seriously, it seems that the once-niche market is finally coming into the mainstream.

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Ex-Crypto boss Do Kwon denies he’s on the run



Do Kwon is denying reports he is on the run

The founder of Terraform Labs denied reports he is on the run from South Korean authorities.

It follows an international arrest warrant being issued for the cryptocurrency executive

Kwon’s company was behind the algorithmic stablecoin terra and its sister token luna, which collapsed in value from around $60 billion to nearly nothing in May.

The collapse of these tokens caused a ripple effect throughout the cryptocurrency industry, with those exposed to terra and luna, including Three Arrows Capital, feeling the pain.

Kwon insists that he is not fleeing from authorities and is cooperating with investigators.

Some analysts say this case highlights the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency.

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Do Kwan wanted by Interpol over Terra collapse



Interpol has asked law enforcement agencies worldwide to find and arrest Do Kwon, founder of the failed cryptocurrency Terra.

The BBC reports that a red notice has been issued for the 31-year-old, who is accused of fraud over the company’s $40 billion collapse.

The notice reportedly requests information on Kwon’s whereabouts and calls for his arrest and extradition to South Korea.

It’s the latest development in the ongoing saga of the Terra blockchain project, which has been mired in controversy since its inception.

The project raised billions of dollars through an initial coin offering in 2017, but it has since been dogged by allegations of fraud and mismanagement.

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