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Will Joe Biden sign a bipartisan infrastructure package?



US President Joe Biden on jobs

The White House is working hard to sell the bipartisan infrastructure deal that was announced by President Joe Biden and senators last week

Uncertainty still remains over whether US President Joe Biden will sign a bipartisan infrastructure package into law if it doesn’t tick a number of boxes.

Speaking in Wisconsin, Biden says the $1.2 trillion package is proof that America’s democracy can function and the deal will accelerate the nation.

But the bipartisan agreement has come under criticism by both Republican and Democrat lawmakers.

Democrats are concerned the two-party agreement will make it more difficult to pass the larger spending bill on climate change, health care and education

Biden says he knows that neither party got everything they wanted in the infrastructure deal, but this is what it means to compromise and reach consensus…

In yesterday’s briefing, the White House referred to last week’s press conference when Biden said he will not sign the bill if it doesn’t arrive with the American Families Plan and other priorities attached.

The Press Secretary admits these comments upset some Republicans who do not see the two plans as linked and are hoping to defeat the Families Plan when it goes to vote.

Biden redacts his veto threat

Biden later corrected himself, saying he left an impression that he was issuing a veto threat on the very plan he has agreed to – which is not his intent.

It follows news last week that Republicans and Democrats had agreed to work together to pass a wide-ranging national infrastructure package.

The White House Press Secretary says Biden expects to sign the infrastructure bill and the families bill into law, it’s just unclear whether this will be done separately or together…

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FAA uncovers Boeing quality control issues



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The audit uncovered multiple instances where the companies allegedly failed to adhere to manufacturing quality control standards.

The FAA highlighted significant “non-compliance issues” within Boeing’s manufacturing processes, including concerns related to parts handling, storage, and product control.

While a summary of the audit findings has been shared with the companies involved, the details have not been made public due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.

Following a mid-air emergency on January 5 involving a new Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9, where a door plug was lost at 16,000 feet, the FAA initiated the audit.

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