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Ukraine Crisis

Australia falls behind on climate action



Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison with US President Biden standing with coal

When it comes to climate action, Australia is increasingly falling way behind the rest of the world.  There’s been a renewed focus on climate change action from leaders right around the globe, with many countries upping their emission targets at the recent Virtual Leaders’ Summit on Climate.  However, the country failed to increase emission targets at the summit, which has prompted concern that the country is falling behind global allies.

“The Australian [emissions] target is out-of-step with the ambition of all relevant comparison countries. The US target blows Australia’s target out of the water.”

Frank Jotzo, director of the ANU’s Centre for Climate and Energy Policy

Scott Morrison refuses to commit to climate action in Australia

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison wasn’t invited to the last climate summit, because his climate targets weren’t high enough. Regardless, President Biden gave Scott Morrison the chance to step forward for Australia in the fight against climate change.

However, the Australian PM delivered what was a largely empty speech. He refused to commit to anything concrete, or make promises on the timing to a net zero carbon future. The nation made no new commitments with Australia still aiming to reduce emissions by 26-28 per cent on 2005 levels over the same period.

They weren’t alone though. Many of the countries responsible for much of the world’s fossil fuel exports and deforestation also fell short in committing to climate action. They include India, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey.

While Australia’s emissions have fallen, the country is still a world leader on a per capita basis. Australia ranks alongside the United Kingdom, despite a much smaller population.

Global leaders commit to reducing emissions in the US, Africa and China

Biden is setting the tone for other countries by aiming halve emissions by 2030. This comes after the US rejoined the Paris Agreement on climate change. Biden also signed a sweeping executive order that puts the climate crisis at the centre of US foreign policy and national security earlier this year.

Other world leaders have followed suit. Japan, the UK, Africa, Canada and China have all committed to ambitious targets. The UK announced plans to cut emissions by 78% by 2035. Even China agreed to commit to climate action despite tensions with the US. China recently signed a statement agreeing to use technology to cut emissions, committing to net zero by 2060.

Natasha is an Associate Producer at ticker NEWS with a Bachelor of arts from Monash University. She has previously worked at Sky News Australia and Monash University as an Online Content Producer.


Russian Police investigate a crypto mining facility



Russian Police are investigating a crypto mining facility, which is suspected of defrauding clients

It’s understood the miners handed devices to those who were running a mining hotel.

They are also accused of stealing their expensive coin minting hardware, and stopping payments to their customers.

The scam allegedly took place from November to May, where the suspects worked with people who wanted to install their coin minting hardware in a mining hotel.

They were offered electricity prices that were below market value.

Electricity consumed by some of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies has dropped by nearly half.

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Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine and Moldova on the edge of EU membership



Ukraine and Moldova have officially been granted EU candidate status, moving the nations one step closer to joining the union

The decision comes nearly four months after Ukraine’s Zelensky launched his country’s bid to join the bloc, and deals a major blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

But Russia’s President Putin claims he has “nothing against” the possible membership, saying it’s Ukraine’s “sovereign decision” to join or not.

But some analysts are doubting whether Russia’s comments are genuine.

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Ukraine Crisis

Russia targets Ukrainian capital of Kyiv during G7



Russia has targeted the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, as leaders of the G7 meet in Germany

A missile strike left one dead, and six wounded after a residential apartment was hit. It’s the first such strikes on the capital in three weeks.

The city’s Deputy Mayor says four people were admitted to local hospitals, as authorities continue their search and rescue efforts.

It’s believed a 7-year-old girl is among those who are injured in the complex. Meanwhile, a missile funnel has been found in the backyard of a nearby kindergarten.

U-S President Joe Biden says the strikes are barbaric, but declined to comment on whether they were deliberately occurring because of the G7 meeting.

The Group of Seven leaders will ban imports of gold from Russia, the latest in a series of sweeping sanctions against the nation for its war in Ukraine.

Leaders will also discuss rising energy costs and inflation.

President Biden is also pledging 200 billion dollars as part of a global infrastructure package to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Meanwhile, Russia maintains the invasion is a special military operation.

The nation’s Defence Minister has paid a visit to Russian troops and giving medals to soldiers.

President Vladimir Putin says his nation will transfer nuclear-capable missile systems to Belarus in the coming months.

Belarus has been a close ally to Russia. The nation’s President travelled to St Petersburg for a series of meetings at the weekend.

Meanwhile, the G7 says there is one world leader who is missing from their high-stakes talks.

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