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How Disney will power its theme parks with solar energy



Disney is building on its Renewable Energy Plans for its Theme Parks around the world, and it’s not the only multinational ramping up company targets in order to achieve net zero emissions by 2030.

The most magical place on earth is about to get a lot more green…by powering the magic using the sun.

Walt Disney World, is the size of San Francisco city, approximately 30,500 acres.

In a bold move towards fighting the climate crisis, Disney is adding two new solar plants at Walt Disney World, Florida, alongside the solar farm already in operation (that is Mickey mouse shaped of course)

The facilities will produce almost half of the resort’s annual needs to power its four theme parks, 25 hotels and 2 water parks. 

It’s expected to open in two years.

The Mickey Mouse shaped solar farm is one of four facilities that will provide renewable energy to the Walt Disney World resort in Florida. 

Mickey Mouse isn’t the only guy powering the magic of Disney… sunny days before the fireworks, will bring more than just happy energy, it will power solar energy so the magic can go on.

Disney is revamping its renewable energy efforts, to reduce the carbon footprint of its theme parks, around the world. 

“Through the innovative use of space, and with a touch of Disney magic, we are using the sun to conserve energy and power up in a responsible manner,” said Mark Penning, Disney’s vice president for Animals, Science and Environment at its theme parks division. 

“Our new set of ambitious goals commit us to achieve net zero emissions for our direct operations by 2030.”

There are also new solar canopies being installed at Disneyland Paris that will provide shelter for 9,500 guest vehicles, as well as a solar facility that will provide about 70 per cent of the power used on Disney Cruise Line’s private island Castaway Cay in The Bahamas

The company’s total solar portfolio, can provide enough energy for 65,000 homes, or eight Magic Kingdom parks, for one year.

“Since 2009, Disney has operated under a long-term vision to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions, and we’re just getting started,” Penning wrote in a blog post.

walt disney company unveils updated renewable energy targets

Greener Apple

Disney isn’t the only major company aiming to achieve net zero emissions by 2030

Apple is investing in clean energy projects and tech in the US and around the world.

Apple is carbon neutral for all of its operations in the US and around the world, and last year committed to be 100 percent carbon neutral for its entire supply chain and products by 2030. (SOURCE: APPLE)

Apple is also making industry-leading investments in new clean energy projects and green technology in the US and around the world.

Just last month, Apple announced a massive new US energy storage project in California’s Monterey CountY.

This joins other energy storage projects the company has invested in, including its microgrid at Apple Park.

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Companies to pay extra for verified Twitter accounts



Elon Musk has announced that companies and brands will have to pay $1,000 per month – plus an additional $50 per sub-account – to get verified check-marks on Twitter

The new pricing falls under the new Twitter Blue for Business service.

Within the next few months, only paying Twitter customers will have verified status.

Twitter has stacked on $12.5 billion in debt, and this move hopes to increase subscription revenue to meet Musk’s obligations.

Advertisers halted spending on Twitter after the takeover, but Twitter has since announced partnerships with two brand-safety vendors to win back marketers.

Musk also announced that Twitter would start sharing ad revenue with creators for “ads that appear in their reply threads”, but didn’t provide further detail.

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BMW to invest €800 million in Mexico



BMW is set to invest €800 million in Mexico, to produce its next generation of high-voltage and fully electric batteries

The carmaker is looking to convert more than half of its sales into all-electric cars by 2030.

Construction will begin next year with production beginning in 2027.

The announcement follows several other major expansions from the automaker in recent months, including a $1.7 billion investment in the United States.

The move will add around 1,000 new jobs to its Mexico operations.

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A British digital currency “later this decade”



The Bank of England and Britain’s finance ministry think the UK is likely to need to create a central bank digital currency later this decade.

“On the basis of our work to date, the Bank of England and HM Treasury judge that it is likely a digital pound will be needed in the future,” the Telegraph quoted BoE Governor Andrew Bailey and finance minister Jeremy Hunt as saying in the joint report.

“It is too early to commit to build the infrastructure for one, but we are convinced that further preparatory work is justified,” the Telegraph quoted the report saying.

The BoE declined to comment on the Telegraph article, but said a joint consultation on CBDC issues would be published shortly.

A government source said the report would be published next week.

BoE Deputy Governor Jon Cunliffe is due to give a speech on Tuesday to update the finance industry on the BoE’s CBDC work.

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