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Apple workers unite in first Union



Workers at an Apple store in Maryland have united, becoming the tech giant’s first-ever retail employees to form a union

At the Apple shop of Townson, the motion was passed with a vote of 65 to 33, with about a dozen people abstaining.

This is Apple’s third store to launch a union movement this year, but the very first to succeed.

Dubbed the ‘Apple Core’ union, members say their bid is about gaining access to rights that they do not currently have.

“We did it Towson! We won our union vote! Thanks to all who worked so hard and all who supported! Now we celebrate… Tomorrow we keep organizing,”

apple core
AppleCORE Union

The first Apple U.S. Union follows a string of workers for other giants like Amazon and Starbucks.

Tech giant Apple saw the move coming from employees though, with the director of distribution and human resources, Deirdre O’Brien, addressing employees recently.

“If you’re faced with that decision, I want to encourage you to consult a wide range of people and sources to understand what it could be like to work at Apple under a collective bargaining agreement.”

“I’m worried about what it would mean to put another organization in the middle of our relationship, an organization that does not have a deep understanding of Apple or our business.”

Apple’s director of distribution and human resources, Deirdre O’Brien


Meta faces a probe into triggering poor mental health



Meta is facing a string of lawsuits that relate to the mental health of young people

The legal disputes blame Instagram for eating disorders, depression and even suicides among children and teens.

It comes after whistle-blower Frances Haugen exposed internal documents about how Instagram impacts body image and mental health.

The leaks allegedly show Meta is aware that its products hurt children but the company chose to put its growth and profits ahead of user’s safety.

Meta has not responded to these latest legal blows.

Of course, if you or someone you know needs help, please contact your local helpline.

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Musk creating hybrid of Uber and Airbnb



Musk is predicting the company’s robotaxi will be like a combined version of Uber and Airbnb

Unlike Uber though, Musk says the system is not being designed with a launch city in mind, the way competitors have approached the concept.

Are we better off without Uber and taxi drivers?

Musk said Tesla owners will have the choice of using it themselves or adding their cars to the robotaxi fleet to earn money when they do not need them.

The tech billionaire mentioned that regulatory hurdles will limit where it can be deployed.

He estimates that a typical vehicle added to the system will see its usage jump from 12 hours a week to 60 hours a week and become a revenue generator for the owner of the Tesla.

The idea is that when your car is parked, it then joins the fleet and takes off on its own with no driver.

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Elon Musk’s ruins ended up in Australia



Scientists have confirmed space debris found in the state of New South Wales is in fact from Elon Musk’s SpaceX company

Farmers Mick Miners and Jock Wallace got the shock of their life when they stumbled across the wreckage on their properties.

Australia’s Space Agency was alerted to the find, and sent an expert to determine its origins.

Scientists have now confirmed the location and timing of space junk coincides with a SpaceX craft which re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere at 7am on July 9.

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