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Sydney behind the gates as Melbourne and Adelaide exit lockdown



As Sydney continues to battle high Covid-19 case numbers, Melbourne and Adelaide will come out of lockdown from 11:59pm local time tonight

From 11.59pm tonight, Victorians will be able to leave their homes for any reason. Restaurants and cafes can also reopen for seated service. Retail and beauty and personal care will open in line with density limits, as will entertainment venues and community facilities.

Melbourne to lift lockdown restrictions

Premier Daniel Andrews has announced the “cautious” easing of restrictions, in place to limit social interaction while allowing business to reopen.

It follows Melbourne and the state of Victoria recording 10 new Covid-19 infections today, which were all linked to current outbreaks and all quarantining whilst infectious. 

What changes for Victoria?

This news will be a welcome relief for businesses who have been severely impacted by this fifth lockdown.

“To every Victorian who checked in with our QR system, who got tested and quarantined, and stayed home to slow the spread of this virus, thank you – it’s because of you we’ve able to get on top of this Delta outbreak and open up our state”

Premier Daniel Andrews

The conservative easing of regulations will see hospitality and retail reopen, with strict density limits, but masks will still be required both indoors and outdoors and visitors at home will remain banned. 

Public gatherings will be allowed with up to 10 people, with infants under 12 months not included in the cap.

“Today is welcome news but with thousands of Victorians in quarantine, we need to remain vigilant to keep each other safe – so please check in everywhere, every time, wear a mask and get vaccinated as soon as you’re eligible.

Minister for Health Martin Foley

However, due to the significant transmission risk we have seen throughout the pandemic, gatherings in the home are still not permitted. People will only be able to book accommodation with their household, intimate partner or single bubble person.

Live music venues, dance classes and physical recreation facilities, including gyms, will all open with density requirements of 1 person per 4sqm.

“We understand that that will be challenging for people who have not seen family and friends for a couple of weeks now … but we know that this is where transmission occurs.”

Mr Andrews also said there will be no crowds at large gatherings for a few weeks.

“No crowds at large events theatres or those sorts of gatherings for at least two weeks.”

A maximum of 50 people will be permitted at weddings. Funerals will also have a cap of 50 mourners, plus those conducting the funeral.

Health officials say they take “some comfort” in knowing that all cases over the past 48 hours have been in isolation whilst infectious. 

Sydney records highest daily covid-19 numbers

NSW has reported 172 new local coronavirus cases on Tuesday, its highest daily case total since the start of Sydney’s current outbreak, with at least 60 infectious in the community.

“My message to everybody is please come forward and get the vaccine,” the Premier said.

“Not only are you protecting yourself but you’re protecting those closest to you.”

Half of Australia’s population in lockdown until midnight Tuesday

Australia’s second-biggest city plunged into lockdown five two weeks ago after an outbreak of COVID-19.

NSW has now recorded its ninth and 10th deaths related to outbreak.

Meanwhile, South Australia’s lockdown is expected to end at midnight but a range of restrictions will remain in place.

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