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Why did Donald Trump plead the Fifth?



What is the Fifth Amendment and why was it invoked by the former US President Donald Trump?

And why was it invoked by the former US President Donald Trump?

Trump declined to answer questions before the New York state’s attorney general in an investigation into his family’s business practices.

He said “I declined to answer the questions under the rights and privileges afforded to every citizen under the United States Constitution”

This was a reference to the United States Constitution’s Fifth Amendment.

In short, exercising the Fifth Amendment protects you against self-incrimination.

But some commentators have found Trump hypocritical because of his previous stance

According to Reuters,

“Trump’s decision not to answer questions could carry consequences. Should the investigation lead to a trial, jurors could take his silence into account. Politically, it could also give adversaries ammunition about whether Trump has something to hide as he looks towards another presidential run in 2024”.

But other’s say these investigations are firing him up to become the Republican Party’s presidential candidate in the 2024 elections.

In his statements over the years, the former President denied wrongdoing and says the probes are part of a vendetta against him by news organizations.

Recently, there was also an unprecedented FBI raid to his Florida home as part of a seperate investigation

Only time will tell, how all this will play out.

If it’s in Trumps favor he will most likely be the Republican Party’s Presidential contender.

Or these investigations may further damage him.

Climate Change

Why ‘zombie viruses’ could be the next biggest public threat



A new report reveals the world will see an increase in so-called ‘zombie viruses’ that are emerging beneath us

A new report by scientists at the French National Center for Scientific Research has revealed the global threat of ‘zombie viruses.’ As climate change continues to take effect, the earth is undeniably getter hotter.

Global warming essentially means significant areas of permafrost are now melting. Permafrost is a frozen layer on or under the Earth’s surface, holding beneath it millions of ‘zombie viruses’ not seen in millions of years.

The now melting permafrost means it is lifting the veil on potentially dangerous microbes that human kind isn’t prepared for.

In Siberia, the scientists uncovered a ‘zombie virus’ which they believe is 50,000 years old. This would be the oldest age of a frozen virus returning to life and able to infect.

Researchers are concerned about the global health impact if the earth continues to warm at its current rate.


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Urgent health warning for Australian gardeners following death of Sydney woman



An urgent health warning for Australian gardeners following the death of a 60-year-old woman

Health authorities in Sydney are on high alert, after a woman was killed while handling potting mix.

The 60-year-old inhaled bacteria from the mix, causing her to fall sick with Legionnaires’ disease.

While, it is common to find the bacteria in potting mix, it can also be found in air conditioning vents and water systems.

Symptoms to look out for include fever, chills, headache, muscle aches and shortness of breath.

Experts are now urging gardeners to wear a face mask and gloves when in the garden.

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Violence erupts across China over lockdowns



There have been more protests on the streets of Shanghai, as frustrations rise over China’s strict Zero Covid policy.

Demonstrations are also spreading to other cities following a deadly apartment fire in the far west of the country – with some linking the tragedy to the continued lockdowns.

Hundreds have taken to the streets in eight cities in China after the tragedy was blamed on Xi Jinping’s draconian zero-Covid lockdown.

From Beijing to Shanghai, the deaths have led to protests across China and police have descended onto the streets to keep order as tensions boil over.

Video on social media showed hundreds of workers marching on a road and confronted by riot police as well as people wearing hazmat suits.

The protest turned violent — footage shared with AFP and captured by a factory worker showed one person lying inert on the ground next to a man in a blood-spattered jacket having his head bound in an apparent effort to staunch a wound.

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