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Why Biden wants Israel-Gaza war to end, now | TICKER VIEWS



By Bruce Wolpe. Senior Fellow at the United States Studies Centre and Ticker News US political contributor

The toll on both sides of the Israel-Gaza war is horrendous, and the rockets and air strikes continue unabated. 

In the name of the Palestinians, and justice for them, Hamas is determined to inflict damage and fear on Israelis. Israel is determined to cripple Hamas to such an extent that it can no longer wage war for many years at least, and to maintain full control over the country’s destiny.  

This is the first big foreign policy crisis of the Biden presidency.  Biden has been clear:  Israel has the right to defend itself.  And there must be a two-state solution. He has engaged in direct diplomacy with Israel and several Arab governments. 

The humanitarian disaster in Gaza, and a growing consensus in world opinion that this has to end, has also spurred the meeting of the UN Security Council.

This war has erupted as the Biden agenda is at another key inflection point. Biden is working steadily to see if there are Republican allies on his major infrastructure bill — a major program to help rebuild America and widen the benefits of his America Rescue Plan to end the pandemic and stimulate the economy.  Biden knows he has to pass this package in Congress if he is to continue to succeed as president.  Republicans understand these stakes perfectly, and they have little incentive to help make the Biden presidency a success.  

Biden’s goal this week:  bring the war in Gaza and Israel under control so that it does not overwhelm the urgency of the Biden agenda at home to bring America back.  And keep up efforts to make the Republicans honest partners in his legislative agenda — or, as may well be needed in the end, keep the Democrats in Congress together under his wing and cement their support to push his program through the House and Senate and enacted into law.  

Palestinians carry the the bodies of Palestinians who were killed in overnight Israeli airstrikes that hit their homes, during their funeral in Gaza City, Sunday, May 16, 2021. (AP Photo/Abdel Kareem Hana)

End the war over there, and keep building the country at home.

Bruce Wolpe is a Ticker News US political contributor. He’s a Senior Fellow at the US Studies Centre and has worked with Democrats in Congress during President Barack Obama's first term, and on the staff of Prime Minister Julia Gillard. He has also served as the former PM's chief of staff.

Climate Change

Australia places honeybees in lockdown



Honeybees in Australia are in lockdown after a deadly parasite was discovered in Sydney

A parasite has been found to weaken and kill bee colonies, which could threaten the already-scarce bee population.

Australian bees have been into lockdown, which means beekeepers are not allowed to move hives, bees or honeycombs until further notice from biosecurity.

Local authorities say swift measures are being taken to contain the disease.

“We have immediately launched an eradication plan which involved setting up a biosecurity zone, containing the infected hives and euthanising the bees.”

NSW Agriculture Minister Dugald Saunders

Until now, Australia is one of a few continents who did not have the varroa destructor, which can attach itself to the body of a bee and weaken its fat.

Nearly one-third of Australia’s food production relies on bee pollination. But the outbreak could cost the honey industry millions of dollars.

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North Korea bears the brunt of the crypto market crash



The crypto market crash is impacting North Korea’s weapons programme

The recent crypto market crash has made its way to North Korea, where hackers are bearing the brunt.

The isolated country relies on stolen crypto to fund part of their weapons program.

But as crypto holdings drop by millions of dollars, the nation is reportedly scrambling to find new ways to fund Pyongyang’s missile plans.


North Korea has ramped up its stolen crypto assets in recent times leading to one of the largest cryptocurrency heists on record earlier this year.

Hackers allegedly stole $615 million worth of crypto prompting the U.S. tplace a warning about potential workers who are hiding their identities to find jobs abroad.

Meanwhile, crypto holdings have decreased in value with the market sliding below $1 trillion for the first time since January 2021.

Katerina Kostakos contributed to this report

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Ukraine Crisis

Sean Penn visits President Zelensky in Kyiv



Sean Penn is the latest celebrity to travel to Ukraine and meet with President Zelensky

Actor Sean Penn is reportedly creating a documentary on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He is seeking to visit the war-torn areas where Russian troops have allegedly committed war crimes.

The leader thanked Penn for his support during the meeting. It comes a week after Zelensky met with Hollywood star Ben Stiller, who was visiting for humanitarian reasons.

“The whole world will soon be able to see the whole truth about the war thanks to his film. Sean, thank you for the support of our state and our people.”


Meanwhile, fresh vision has emerged of a Russian missile strike on a crowded shopping mall in the country’s east.

It’s understood 18 people are dead, and dozens are still missing. Moscow says it struck a nearby arms depot and is claiming the mall was empty at the time.

The blast sent shockwaves around surrounding areas, where people can be seen running away from the areas of impact.

Meanwhile, President Zelensky is calling Russia a terrorist state. He urged his U.N. counterparts to stand up and pay their respects, as he dialled in for urgent talks.

“Who of you does not agree that this is terrorism?”


Zelensky named victims of the war, including a three-month-old. He also drew on the U.N. Charter for maintaining international peace and security.

Meanwhile, Russia’s representatives expressed concern about President Zelensky’s speech. Dmitry Polyanskiy says he did not receive any consultation beforehand.

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