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Ukraine Crisis

Why being declared a “foreign agent” by Russia isn’t all that bad



As Russia escalates its aggression in Ukraine, the Kremlin is continuing to silence journalists who fail to spread propaganda

Ekaterina Shengeliya’s father, a well respected journalist currently covering the war in Ukraine, has been declared a foreign agent by the Kremlin.

But as frightening as the news sounds, the family is proud of the new declaration.

Speaking exclusively with Ticker News, Ekaterina Shengeliya says “it is an honour” to be declared this by Russia, as it means “as a journalist…you’re telling the truth” – something Shengeliya says isn’t liked by the Kremlin, which pushes false agendas via the media.

Russia has been vocal about the way it wants its media to report on the Ukraine Invasion.

During the initial weeks of the war, the Kremlin introduced a new law which banned protests about Ukraine, and referring to the war as an “invasion” – rather – the Kremlin says it is a “special military operation” and must be referred to as that.

Marina Ovsyannikova spoke out against the Kremlin last month.

Some journalists living within Russia have been brave enough to take a stance against the government

News producer for Russia’s Channel One News, Marina Ovsyannikova was fined last month following a political stunt she made on live television, protesting against the war in Ukraine.

Ovsyannikova, an editor at the state-controlled broadcaster, was detained after she ran on to the set holding a sign saying “no war”.

The news producer stated that she had been questioned for 14 hours straight and had not slept for two days.

She also claimed that she was not given any access to legal support.

Ovsyannikova was fined 30,000 rouble, which is approximately $280 USD. Authorities say the fine was as a result of her anti-war video message, which has gone viral around the world.

The journalist has been a voice for those suffering in Ukraine, on Monday stating that she felt ashamed to be working in a job that required her to lie about what’s really happening in Ukraine.

Anthony Lucas is reporter, presenter and social media producer with ticker News. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Professional Communication, with a major in Journalism from RMIT University as well as a Diploma of Arts and Entertainment journalism from Collarts. He’s previously worked for 9 News, ONE FM Radio and Southern Cross Austerio’s Hit Radio Network. 


Body behind Eurovision “understands the disappointment” over next host city



Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra won the Eurovision contest in May, capturing the hearts of the world

After taking out the win, that would mean Ukraine would host the competition next year.

But the European Broadcasting Union announced last week it could not be held in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion.

The body behind Eurovision now says it “understands the disappointment” over its decision not to hold next year’s song contest in Ukraine.

The EBU said it was in talks with the BBC to host the contest in the UK.

That’s because British entrant Sam Ryder came second in this year’s contest with his single Spaceman.

The announcement was met with disappointment by Ukrainians but the E-B-U doubled down on its position, saying in a statement that it “fully understands the disappointment that greeted the announcement”.

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Nike to fully exit Russia




U.S. sportswear maker Nike is making a full exit from Russia, three months after suspending its operations there, the company said in an emailed statement Thursday

The sportswear giant had said back in March that it would suspend operations at all the stores it owns or operates there.

On Thursday (June 23) the firm said it would leave the country altogether.

In a statement, Nike said it would scale down over the coming months.

The move is largely symbolic for the company, which gets less than 1% of its revenue from Russia and Ukraine combined.

It says any stores that are still open there are run by independent partners.

In May, Russian media reported that Nike had not renewed agreements with Inventive Retail Group, its largest franchisee there.

Now the full exit lputs Nike in line with other major western brands such as McDonald’s and Google.

Foreign companies seeking to leave face the prospect of new laws being passed that will allow Moscow to seize assets and impose criminal penalties.

That has prompted some businesses to accelerate their departure plans.

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Ukraine Crisis

New candidates – Ukraine and Moldova one step closer to joining EU



Ukraine and Moldova have officially been granted E-U candidate status, moving the nations one step closer to joining the union

At a European leaders meeting in Brussels, the decision comes nearly four months after Ukraine’s Zelensky launched his country’s bid to join the bloc, and deals a major blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

But the Kremlin has been acting as though it’s no big deal, with Putin claiming he has “nothing against” the possible membership, saying it’s Ukraine’s “sovereign decision” to join or not.

Ukrainian President Zelensky has welcomed the move, calling it “a unique and historic moment” and says his country’s future is in the EU.

European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has declared it “a good day for Europe”.

While candidate status is the first official step toward E-U membership, it can take many years to join and there’s no guarantee the process will be successful.

The process can also go into reverse, if a future Ukrainian government fails to implement certain reforms on the rule of law and its economy.

But the Commission president has hope.

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