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TICKER VIEWS – Who Wants to Win an Award?



While viewers are fleeing TV Awards shows, advertisers remain.

Remember the old days of getting round the TV with your family, turning on the TV and watching the Academy Awards? You might have organised a fancy dress party where everyone comes as their favourite 1930s Hollywood character from the golden era.

Or perhaps you had a tipping competition for who would win Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Actor?

For decades, awards shows provided a front-row seat to TV viewers’ favourite performers.

But over the past year, awards shows struggled to gain eyeballs even though people were stuck at home watching countless hours of Hollywood content.

Both the CBS telecast of the 63rd Grammy Awards (9.2 million viewers on March 14) and NBC’s presentation of the 93rd Golden Globe Awards (6.9 million viewers on Feb. 28) dropped more than 50% from 2020 levels.

That’s bad news for awards shows and especially for the mother of all awards shows – the Oscars.

If the ratings of TV awards shows don’t bounce back after pandemic restrictions ease, the events will be an expensive problem for the networks carrying them.

In Australia, the TV industry’s Logie awards is essentially propped up by government funds and tourism bodies.

Despite the declining ratings, TV networks thus far persist with the shows.

The reason is simple, if not a bit demoralising for the TV industry: Even with mediocre ratings, these major events are still among the most-watched of any programming on linear TV, outside of sports.

And just like the TV industry, the ad industry is scrambling too.

US broadcaster ABC has sold out of commercial time in the telecast, with sales in part driven by a huge number of first time Oscars advertisers.

Oscars advertisers include: Google, General Motors, Rolex, Verizon, AARP, Adidas International, Apple, Corona, Eli Lilly, Expedia, GSK, Honda, Kellogg, Keurig, Mars, Procter & Gamble, Power to the Patient, and Subway, among others.

For them, the Oscars provide one of the only platforms to connect their brand to luxury and everything Hollywood glamour represents.

But the question is – how much lower can the ratings go before advertisers see no value. Increasingly, advertisers are looking for “return on investment” over “brand awareness”. That’s why cheesy jingles have been replaced by targeted commercials focusing on part of the brand’s target market.

The Oscars, and other awards shows, are big and bold, but are they still relevant? With the public, less so, but with paying advertisers, they are still providing bang for their buck.

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Hong Kong’s film crackdown



Films in Hong Kong are at risk of being censored if authorities think it may endanger national security

This order allows censors to prevent and suppress acts that do not uphold the sovereignty and of China.

Hong Kong’s thriving film industry had previously enjoyed freedoms not seen on the mainland.

According to the new guidelines, any film which supports or promotes offensive material that could endanger the security of the region will be censored.

“The film censorship regulatory framework is built on the premise of a balance between protection of individual rights and freedoms on the one hand, and the protection of legitimate societal interests on the other,” 

the government said.

Last year Beijing imposed a new law to stamp out pro-democracy protests part of the national security law that can carry a maximum term of life in prison.

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Cracking the content code: Pride Month in Gaming



Twitch takes on Facebook’s streaming platform, boasting increased popularity and engagement

Although Facebook has taken the lead when it comes to social media, they have Twitch firmly in their sights for gamers & content creation.

Facebook is negotiating various perks, including a feature allowing content partners to play licensed music during streams. Additionally, Facebook’s 30% subscription deals compare well to Twitch’s default 50% on the surface…Twitch remains the favourite with a solid lead thanks to it’s ten year head start.

‘Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remastered’ remains in limbo. This comes after Ubisoft withdrew the release window from their 2021 line up.

Logan Paul took on Floyd Mayweather in an entertaining bout this week.

With gaming fans quick to spot his highly valuable and highly collectable Pokemon Card, which he touted around his neck before the fight.

Paul purchased the card for $150,000!

Here, streamer Brysupersaurus joins us to discuss the latest from the world of streaming and how Pride Month has kicked off with Twitch celebrating it’s LGBTQIA+ community and creators.

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Jane Fonda says Biden hasn’t done enough to tackle the climate crisis



American actress Jane Fonda demanded US president Joe Biden immediately closes oil pipelines

Jane Fonda joined protesters calling for the closure of the Line 3 Piepline in Northern Minnesota.

“The scientists say we have less than nine years to cut our emissions in half. Line 3 is going in the absolute opposite direction, and the news every day is telling us, emissions are going up, not down.”

President Biden has “done a lot of very good things. But not enough. Not bold enough. And not fast enough.”

Jane Fonda On BBC’s New day

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