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Kinga Elizabeth Staszalek is the founder of Lapis Evolution, Love and Relationships Coach Expert, Family Constellations Practitioner and Healer.

She helps people transform their life, love life and relationships. Kinga knows what it’s like to feel unloved, not enough, stuck and constantly pleasing others to fit in. Throughout her life, she has been through a series of heartbreaks and breakdowns.

She believes that everyone deserves authentic love, happiness, has a unique gift to share, and that it is our birthright to feel worthy, fulfilled and enjoy a genuine sense of belonging.

Kinga helps people unlearn what has been taught to them and experienced in the past about love, relationships and success, and guides them to create the life of their dreams with joy, a new perspective and fresh excitement. With a Proven Track Record, Kinga is amongst the Top 1% of Relationship Coaches in Australia.

Kinga helps both singles and people in relationships.

Her signature mentoring programs:

  1. Attract your Life Partner Program
  2. Successful Relationship Program
  3. 3. Unstoppable Transformation Program

Kinga clients not only experience exponential shifts with their love life but in all aspects of their life. As they upgrade their way of living by putting into practice what Kinga advises, they achieve success.

Visit to watch Kinga’s FREE masterclass, ‘How to attract your ideal partner and create a life together’, where she shares her best-kept secrets that have helped her clients unlock their life with an abundance of love and joy. There is also a series of success stories, people who went through amazing transformations and now are rocking their lives.

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A considered approach to wellness for Indigenous communities



Indigenous peoples around the world face a myriad of challenges and issues that are often overlooked or ignored by mainstream society. These issues range from the loss of traditional lands and resources to cultural genocide, discrimination, and marginalisation. One of the most pressing issues that many Indigenous people face is related to their health, with health concerns often being ignored or dismissed by healthcare providers and policymakers. In this article, we will discuss the challenges that Indigenous people face in terms of their health, as well as what needs to be done to address these issues.

Firstly, it is important to acknowledge that Indigenous people are among the most marginalised and disadvantaged populations globally. They often suffer from higher rates of poverty, unemployment, and discrimination, which can lead to poor health outcomes. Indigenous people also tend to have lower access to healthcare services and resources, which can further exacerbate their health problems. For example, in the United States, Indigenous people have higher rates of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer compared to the general population.

Despite these challenges, there is still hope for improving the health outcomes of Indigenous people. One of the most important steps that can be taken is to increase awareness of the health issues facing Indigenous people, both among healthcare providers and policymakers, as well as the general public. By bringing attention to these issues, we can work towards creating more effective and culturally appropriate healthcare services and resources for Indigenous people.

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Understanding A.I in education



Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer in the education sector, providing new opportunities for students to learn and for educators to teach more effectively. However, as with any new technology, there are concerns about its misuse, particularly in the form of cheating.

From university to high school students, there have been reports of individuals using AI-powered systems to cheat on exams, papers, and assignments. These systems can include chatbots that provide answers to questions, automated essay-grading software, and plagiarism detectors that can be easily tricked by students who know how to manipulate them.

While it’s understandable that educators are concerned about these issues, it’s important to remember that AI can also be used for good. For example, AI can help educators personalize learning for each individual student, offering a tailored curriculum that meets their unique needs and learning style. It can also help identify students who are struggling with certain topics, allowing educators to intervene before they fall behind.

In addition, AI can help educators grade assignments more efficiently, freeing up time to focus on other important tasks. For example, AI-powered essay-grading software can provide immediate feedback to students, allowing them to see where they went wrong and how to improve. This feedback can also help educators identify common mistakes that students are making, allowing them to adjust their teaching accordingly.

Beyond Education, together with Enquiry Tracker.

To find out more about this admissions software head to for more.

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Accounting your cash to consider your “Enough”



Having enough money is a common concern for many people, especially as they approach retirement age. The fear of not having enough to live comfortably is a valid concern, but it can also lead to unnecessary worry and stress. As the discussion above highlights, many people die with more than enough money in their estate, and this can be attributed to the fear of not having enough.

It’s important to have a rational conversation about what “enough” means for you. This means taking into account your lifestyle, spending habits, and life expectancy. It’s also essential to consider that spending habits tend to slow down as people age, so what may have been necessary in your 60s may not be the same in your 80s.

Dr Steve Enticott outlines how we can identify our own “Enough”

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