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on’s Glenn Yee appeared on Ticker News to discuss the latest in robot automation and how they can help you make life easier.

About Robot My Life:

For years I worked in international markets; often enduring 16 hours of travel to get to work, to start a 10 hour work day upon arrival. Regularly I was in foreign countries over weekends, sometimes for weeks at a time, away from family. 

When that role ceased, my wife and I decided it was time for a ‘tree change’: we moved to a ‘lifestyle property’ on three acres outside of Melbourne and have enjoyed the fresh air, trees, views and…. the loads of maintenance (i.e. hedges, mowing, gardening etc) that has come with this lifestyle choice ever since.

Instead of working abroad, my weekends have become centred around gardening, weeding, and mowing the lawns. Things I do enjoy, but after many, many weekends I did begin to feel as though my lifestyle had swung too far the other way.. and life is about balance. 

We thought there must be a better way to mow the lawns that will make life easier and save us time.

So, I started some research and discovered robot mowers. Yet, when I called companies in Australia there was conflicting advice or very little advice at all.

So, I researched every different type of robot to understand the differences and what would be suitable for my needs. Then it dawned upon, is this the experience every potential robot customer is facing?

Robots became an obsession, after all, they help free up so much time, but the one gap in the market seemed to be a reliable company who could educate you about the different options to meet you needs. 

With so many different robotic options appearing on the market, it is a challenge to stay informed, know what really works, and know what Bot will actually make life easier.

Thus, Robot My Life was born.

Today Robot My Life sources cost effective and practical robot solutions to help make your life easier. We are dedicated to educating our customers and retail partners about robot products and the latest innovations to make your life easier.

We hope our products service your needs well and that you find our service and support to exceed your expectations.

For more information, head to

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Creating exceptional customer experiences



Jason Bradshaw created his first business at fourteen, selling telecommunications and computer equipment in the Australian regional city of Toowoomba. In the lead up to this, he was inspired by books like The Pursuit of Wow! by Tom Peters, which opened his eyes to the power of customer and employee experience.

Jason tested and implemented strategies for improving experience in a variety of sectors, including telecommunications, retail, media, finance, automotive, health, and not-for-profit. He worked with companies including Telstra, Target Australia, Fairfax Media, New South Wales Government, SingTel Optus, and Volkswagen Group Australia, and he sat on the boards of ACON Health Limited and Oz ShowBiz Cares / Equity Fights AIDS.

A cornerstone of Jason’s career has been an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of customers and employees. During his time in the telecommunications industry, he implemented ideas for improving customer experience in a number of verticals by over 100 percent. In retail and media, his initiatives to improve efficiencies by focusing on customer and employee experience saved tens of millions of dollars in a matter of months and improved employee retention by double digits year on year. Additionally, he has led transformational programs resulting in tens of millions in revenue improvement.

So far you have read about how Jason is passionate about customers and employees, but it would be remiss not to mention that Jason has led transformations in everything from procurement functions to sales.

Jason has been in the ‘trenches’ consistently delivering transformative results – his ultimate passion is helping individuals and organisations, grow and achieve their goals.  

For more information, head to

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Click for the wedding dress!



Ziva Wedding Dresses are an Australian owned business that creates custom-made wedding and bridesmaid dresses. They work alongside brides to design and re-create their dream dress that is affordable, with a fraction of the designer price tag.

Ziva has a team of professional dressmakers that custom make your dress from your chosen design and measurements. They have a range of quality fabric to choose from and offer a service that provides advice, expertise and helpful hints to our upcoming brides-to-be. 

Simply drop as an email with one of more dresses you have chosen, they’ll arrange a quote for you and we can work together from there. It’s honestly that simple.

They love what we do at Ziva and feel honored to be able to bring you a wedding dress that has been made especially for you.

Ziva is the Goddess of Love in ancient Slavic Mythology and their goal here at Ziva, is to make each bride feels like the most perfect Goddess on their wedding day. 

For more information, head to

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Franchising done right with Megasealed



Megasealed is Australia’s first shower repair and waterproofing company to offer franchising in the niche sector, and their 33 franchises have all reported significant growth over the past 12 months.

Managing Director Jacques Courtin recently appeared on Ticker News to discuss the company’s success through these difficult circumstances.

“We were one of the few businesses that were able to grow because people were working from home and having tradespeople visit,” Courtin discussed.

“We already had a good template to grow, and (business conditions) made things better.”

Courtin reveals how he came up with the product that has served his business – and customers – well.

“I discovered that many of our clients, early on, were not needing to have shower tiles ripped up to fix their leaking issue,” Courtin adds. “It was as simple as re-applying epoxy grout, and that is how Megasealed was born.”

“The product was so good that the client was able to shower the next day, which is a success for us.”

Megasealed recently celebrated a major milestone – 25 years in business. Courtin reveals that having a family culture has been the only way to successfully grow.

“Looking out for our clients and our franchisees has seen us develop into who we are today,” the Managing Director pointed out. “I want to keep growing our numbers and building out the business.”

For more information about Megasealed, go to

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