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Watch the dramatic moment drones attack Moscow



In a daring and audacious assault, Ukrainian kamikaze drones unleashed chaos upon Moscow’s bustling business district in a meticulously coordinated three-pronged attack.

Early in the morning, the heart of Russia’s capital was engulfed in fireballs, and skyscrapers shattered as the strikes struck just a few miles from the Kremlin.

The first drone penetrated the much-vaunted air defenses of the city at 3:20 am, slamming into the 50-story IQ Quarter Tower, a prominent building in Moscow’s business district known as Moscow City.

This high-rise hub, housing upscale apartments and penthouses, was severely rocked by the attack. Shortly after, at 4:10 am, the second drone targeted the Oko-2 skyscraper, resulting in panic-stricken scenes captured on footage.

Despite scenes of destruction and reports of some wounded, including a security guard and an unconfirmed 21-year-old woman, the Moscow mayor claimed that the damage was relatively minor.

The Russian defense ministry attributed the downing of two drones to electronic warfare technology, while another was allegedly shot down during what they labeled an “attempted terrorist attack.”

Under attack

The targeted buildings included the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications, and Mass Media, housing part of Putin’s propaganda machinery. The attack left government documentation strewn amidst the debris-littered streets.

The timing of the attack, coinciding with Russian Navy Day celebrations in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt, likely added to Putin’s displeasure. The ensuing security measures temporarily halted flights at major Moscow international airport Vnukovo, which is regularly used by Putin and his associates.

In response to the strike, the Kremlin unambiguously threatened the use of nuclear weapons, signaling the gravity of the situation. Dmitry Medvedev, a former Russian president and now part of Putin’s security council, underscored the crucial role of the Armed Forces in protecting Russia and its citizens from external threats while preventing a global nuclear conflict.

Crimea attack

Meanwhile, reports of a drone attack on annexed Crimea surfaced, with the region’s defense ministry claiming to have repelled 25 drones. However, Ukraine has not yet commented on these reported strikes.

Despite the chaotic nature of the attack, Moscow’s authorities routinely downplay such incidents to maintain a façade of success and prevent public alarm.

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Streaming wars: can Apple compete with Spotify?



Spotify’s 2023 Wrapped has dropped prompting listeners to review their top artists, genres, and songs of the year.

Many are taking to social media platforms to share their listening trends with family, friends, coworkers, and even other fans on the internet.

While Apple Music, a rival platform, has its own year-end campaign—it hasn’t quite ignited the same online response.

Seth Schachner, the Managing Director at StratAmericas and a former Sony Music Executive joins Veronica Dudo to discuss. #Spotify #music #Apple #AppleMusic #SpotifyWrapped #streaming #featured #IN AMERICA TODAY

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What Australia can learn from NZ’s supermarket inquiry



Coles and Woolworths, two of Australia’s largest supermarket chains, are about to face a Senate inquiry that aims to scrutinise their market dominance and business practices.

The inquiry’s parallels with a past New Zealand investigation highlight the growing concern over the duopoly’s impact on consumers and smaller businesses.

The Senate inquiry, set to begin next month, comes as a response to mounting public pressure and allegations of anti-competitive behavior in the grocery sector.

New Zealand example

Similar concerns led New Zealand to conduct its own inquiry into the supermarket industry back in 2019, resulting in recommendations for increased regulation and transparency.

The central question here is whether Coles and Woolworths wield too much power in the Australian market, potentially stifling competition and limiting choices for consumers.

With the New Zealand example as a cautionary tale, many are wondering if this inquiry will result in meaningful changes to the Australian grocery landscape.

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Elon Musk: Nikki Haley’s ‘campaign is dead’



Elon Musk has thrown a verbal jab at former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, declaring her political campaign as “dead” on X.

The unexpected comment from the Tesla and SpaceX CEO has ignited a new wave of discussion within the political sphere, leaving many wondering about the implications for Haley’s political future.

In a tweet that garnered significant attention, Musk criticized Haley’s recent policy stance, writing, “Nikki Haley’s campaign is dead on arrival if she continues to ignore the urgency of climate change.

We need leaders who prioritize the planet’s future.” The tech mogul’s remarks come as Haley, a prominent Republican figure, has been exploring the possibility of running for president in the upcoming election cycle.

Musk’s statement has reignited the debate over climate change within the Republican Party, with many conservatives emphasizing economic interests over environmental concerns.

This raises questions about whether Musk’s endorsement or critique could influence the GOP’s stance on climate issues and potentially impact the 2024 presidential race.

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