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Want to buy an A380? Malaysia Airlines is selling superjumbos



As the pandemic continues to ground jets across the world, Malaysia Airlines is selling theirs

Malaysia Aviation Group has launched a tender for the sale of six Airbus A380-800 aircraft or their components.

The company made the announcement in a post to LinkedIn on Thursday.

MAG, which is the parent of national carrier Malaysia Airlines and underwent a restructuring earlier this year, invited interested buyers to send in proposals to either purchase the aircraft or parts.

Malaysia Airlines has been looking for some time to dispose of its A380 fleet, deeming the superjumbo aircraft as non-profitable.

It follows the Group Chief Executive Officer Captain Izham Ismail leading the airline towards completion of its debt restructuring.

Ismail stated the group was convinced that the fleet did not fit its future plans, as it “restrategised to position its business as a global travel group”.

More airlines ditch the A380

Airbus has now officially concluded its A380 programme – meaning the aircraft maker does not plan to build any more of the double-decker jets.

The aircraft has been popular with Middle Eastern carrier, Emirates, the worlds largest operator of the superjumbo jet.

But other airlines are moving away from it, citing it not viable due to its operational costs and massive fuel consumption.

Thai Airways which is undergoing a court-approved restructuring, has also been looking to sell the same aircraft in its fleet, while HiFly has also ditched the jet entirely, already.

Some may fly again

Australian airline, Qantas has grounded all of its A380’s however CEO Alan Joyce says ‘they will fly again’

The Aussie carrier saw the superjumbo operate on popular routes between Australia and the US, Australia and Singapore as well as Australia and the Middle East.

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Is Netflix going bankrupt?



2022 hasn’t been good for the streaming giant, In April alone the company said that they lost subscribers for the first time in ten years

And on top of that, it’s stock price has plummeted more than 60% so far this year.

Some have speculated that these are indications that Netflix is going down, and going down fast.

But they’re probably wrong, because Netflix is simply transforming into what CNN Business has referred to as a ‘traditional media company’.

What does that entail?

Like many technology companies, Netflix relied on subscribers and that was based on producing plus streaming movies and tv shows-on the platform in return for a fee.

It was only in 2019 when Netflix was ranked as America’s fastest growing brand, and many conventional media companies like Disney, Paramount and Warner Bros. amongst others started imitating the Netflix model.

But now it seems, Netflix will imitate them. And that means it will start having advertisements.

And the streaming platform has already changed the way it’s releasing new shows.

Instead of what we’re used to, which was a release of the entire series – to a more gradual release.   

And the streaming company also says that it will crackdown on password sharing.

Netflix has always been regarded as a tech company, but now it’s transitioning to a media company.

It’s not in trouble, It’s simply transforming to a more traditional business model.

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Meta faces a probe into triggering poor mental health



Meta is facing a string of lawsuits that relate to the mental health of young people

The legal disputes blame Instagram for eating disorders, depression and even suicides among children and teens.

It comes after whistle-blower Frances Haugen exposed internal documents about how Instagram impacts body image and mental health.

The leaks allegedly show Meta is aware that its products hurt children but the company chose to put its growth and profits ahead of user’s safety.

Meta has not responded to these latest legal blows.

Of course, if you or someone you know needs help, please contact your local helpline.

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Musk creating hybrid of Uber and Airbnb



Musk is predicting the company’s robotaxi will be like a combined version of Uber and Airbnb

Unlike Uber though, Musk says the system is not being designed with a launch city in mind, the way competitors have approached the concept.

Are we better off without Uber and taxi drivers?

Musk said Tesla owners will have the choice of using it themselves or adding their cars to the robotaxi fleet to earn money when they do not need them.

The tech billionaire mentioned that regulatory hurdles will limit where it can be deployed.

He estimates that a typical vehicle added to the system will see its usage jump from 12 hours a week to 60 hours a week and become a revenue generator for the owner of the Tesla.

The idea is that when your car is parked, it then joins the fleet and takes off on its own with no driver.

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