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Virgin Voyages unveils summer 2025 itineraries with 21 new ports



Virgin Voyages is set to introduce an array of 21 new ports in its 2025 itineraries across the Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, and Resilient Lady ships.

These exciting additions will span the globe, showcasing destinations such as Reykjavik in Iceland, Naples in Italy, Dublin in Ireland, Istanbul in Turkey, Porto in Portugal, George Town in Grand Cayman, and Muscat in Oman, among others.

Renowned for its innovative approach to cruising and acclaimed as the No. 1 large cruise line by Condé Nast Traveler readers, Virgin Voyages has gained recognition for its exclusive adult-focused experiences, Michelin chef-crafted menus, exceptional service, and a strong emphasis on relaxation and well-being.

The brand’s dedication to delivering an exceptional sailing experience has made it a favorite among travelers.

Responding to the requests of its loyal patrons, Virgin Voyages is unveiling a broad range of new itineraries and ports, catering to diverse preferences and wanderlust.

Shane Riley, Vice President of UK/International Sales, shared the exciting news, stating, “Our loyal Sailors have asked for more choices – so we’ve listened.

“While 2025 may feel like an ocean away, we’re excited to announce almost two dozen fresh itineraries to some incredible destinations like Istanbul, Grand Cayman, and Palermo.

“It’s never too early to start planning a voyage, and our new itineraries and ports will allow travelers to explore the dramatic landscapes, rich histories, and diverse cuisines of each locale.”

Itinerary options

With this latest announcement, Virgin Voyages will offer an impressive array of itinerary options to over 100 of the world’s most captivating and sought-after destinations. Here’s a glimpse of what each ship will offer:

Scarlet Lady:

– Scarlet Lady will navigate through Europe, offering an enticing mix of six- to 15-night voyages.
– After traversing southern Spain, Morocco, Florence, Rome, and Mallorca, Scarlet Lady will return to her original home in Portsmouth.
– She will then embark on a series of voyages, including stops in Reykjavik, Norway, Bordeaux, Ireland, Scotland, and Cannes.

Valiant Lady:

– Valiant Lady will continue to offer its popular four- and five-night Caribbean routes.
– It will also introduce longer options, allowing travelers to explore the beautiful white-sand islands of Grand Turk and Grand Cayman.

Resilient Lady:

– Currently based in Australia and New Zealand, Resilient Lady will embark on a long-haul journey back to Athens.
– En route, the ship will make stops in iconic destinations such as Bali, Singapore, Phuket, Oman, Dubai, and Santorini.
– Once back in Athens, Resilient Lady will set sail on her highly sought-after seven-night voyages, including new 10- and 11-night itineraries featuring stops in Istanbul, Mykonos, Dubrovnik, and Crete.

Virgin Voyages continues to redefine the cruising experience, offering travelers a unique and luxurious way to explore the world’s most captivating destinations.

As they unveil their exciting 2025 itineraries and new ports, Virgin Voyages invites adventure seekers to embark on unforgettable journeys across the seas.

Ahron Young is an award winning journalist who has covered major news events around the world. Ahron is the Managing Editor and Founder of TICKER NEWS.

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Julian Assange’s last stand before extradition



Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is allegedly being targeted by the United States government and former President Donald Trump for his role in exposing classified information.

According to Assange’s lawyer, this targeting is a result of the controversial revelations made by WikiLeaks, which have often put the U.S. government in a precarious position.

Assange, who has been residing in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to avoid extradition, now faces renewed concerns about his safety and legal battles.

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Qantas appoints new Chairman amid board renewal



Qantas Airways has announced significant changes to its board, including the appointment of John Mullen as the new chairman, as part of its ongoing renewal strategy following a tumultuous period for the airline.

John Mullen, former chairman of Telstra, will assume the role of chairman of Qantas’ board, succeeding Richard Goyder.

John Mullen, former chairman of Telstra.

Mullen will officially join the board as a non-executive director and chairman-elect on July 1, with plans to take on the chairman’s responsibilities ahead of the company’s annual general meeting in October.

In addition to Mullen’s appointment, Dr. Nora Scheinkestel will also join the board as a non-executive director and chair of the remuneration committee effective March 1, 2024.

Read more – how to land a job at Cathay Pacific

Richard Goyder, outgoing chairman of Qantas, remarked that these changes mark a new chapter for the airline following a period of significant challenges, including the early resignation of former CEO Alan Joyce and Goyder’s own decision to step down.

Goyder expressed confidence in Mullen’s ability to lead Qantas into its next phase, citing Mullen’s extensive experience as a director and chairman of large and complex companies, as well as his distinguished executive career in the transport sector both domestically and internationally.

“These changes reflect a new chapter for Qantas, and John brings a wealth of experience that makes him the right choice to lead the national carrier into its next phase,” stated Goyder.

The announcement comes amidst ongoing efforts by Qantas to navigate the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and reshape its operations to adapt to changing market dynamics.

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Google goes rogue as search engine falls short?



In the digital era, where instant access to information is the norm, Google has emerged as the go-to source for swift answers. However, a recent study has raised a cautionary flag, suggesting that the top search result on Google may not always be the most reliable or accurate.

Dr. Karen Sutherland from USC sheds light on the factors influencing Google search result rankings, emphasizing the importance of users exercising caution to avoid being misled by potentially inaccurate information. The interview explores the role of search engine optimization (SEO) in determining rankings, questions the reliability of the top search result as an indicator of accuracy, and delves into strategies for increasing awareness about the limitations of search engines. As we navigate the vast digital landscape, a critical eye and awareness are essential tools to discern the accuracy of the information provided by the seemingly omnipotent search engine.

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