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Virgin Galactic gets clearance to fly you to space



You can soon buy a ticket to leave planet earth

Virgin Galactic has been Cleared by FAA to Fly Customers Into Space.

The Federal Aviation Administration upgraded the company’s existing license to cover customer flights.

This regulatory approval is moving the budding industry founded by billionaires one step closer to reality.

Virgin Galactic said the approval was the first of its kind also confirming that a May 22 test flight performed well against objectives.

“We have conducted a comprehensive assessment of data obtained from its May 22 test flight and confirmed that the flight operated successfully against all flying goals,”

Virgin added.

The approval marks another milestone for an industry that not long ago was the stuff of science fiction.

Virgin Galactic was founded by entrepreneur Richard Branson and the company has been working toward its goal since 2004.

Fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos plans his first trip in July, after auctioning a passenger seat for $28 million.

Stocks soar to the sky

The increase in SPCE stock today is accelerating the uptrend that began in late May of this year, when the price action effectively broke a steep falling wedge, culminating in a surge to $41.5.

Since then, the price action has left two bullish gaps, indicating increased interest from retail traders on the popular Reddit messaging board WallStreetBets and the market’s apparent positive sentiment toward Virgin amid the possibility of the company becoming the first to fly customers into space.

For the time being, the upward momentum in the company may allow SPCE stock to approach, if not exceed, its all-time high of $62.5 per share, fuelled by investors’ aspirations and fantasies of space flight.

Anthony Lucas is reporter, presenter and social media producer with ticker News. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Professional Communication, with a major in Journalism from RMIT University as well as a Diploma of Arts and Entertainment journalism from Collarts. He’s previously worked for 9 News, ONE FM Radio and Southern Cross Austerio’s Hit Radio Network. 

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Indonesia’s inflation soars to a 5-year high



Indonesia’s inflation rate has hit a five-year high, as businesses continue to pass rising costs onto consumers

As countries around the world deal with the rising cost of living, Indonesia’s inflation rate has exceeded predictions.

The country’s consumer price index rose just above 4 percent in June, which is the biggest year-on-year climb since 2017.

This blew the Bank of Indonesia’s estimates out of the water, with the Bank expecting a rise of between 2 and 4 percent.

Experts say June’s inflation was largely triggered by red chilies, cayenne pepper, cooking oil, and shallots.

Prices of food, beverages, and tobacco all rose above 8 percent, and transportation is also helping drive inflation, especially in airline passenger fees due to high fuel costs.

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Several dead after horror shooting at Copenhagen shopping centre



Several people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a shopping centre in Copenhagen

A mass shooting incident in one of Denmark’s largest shopping centres has left several people dead and others injured.

A 22-year-old Danish man has been arrested, with police refusing to rule out the attack being an act of terrorism.

Authorities arrived at Field’s mall in the Danish capital late on Sunday afternoon local time, as people were told to stay put and wait for assistance.

Local media has published images of terrified shoppers running for safety, with eyewitnesses describing panic as gunfire echoed through the shopping centre.

Credit: EPA

Singer Harry Styles was due to perform in the city, but the concert has been cancelled. Attendees have asked to leave Copenhagen’s Royal Arena.


The multi-storey shopping mall where the attack occurred is around 5 kilometres south of downtown Copenhagen.

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U.S. watching China ‘very closely’ over Taiwan



The United States is watching China ‘very closely’, but a top official says an attack on Taiwan is ‘not imminent’

China views Taiwan as a breakaway province that must be reunified with the mainland, and by force, if necessary.

United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley told the BBC that China is developing a capability to attack Taiwan at some point in time.

Milley says whether or not the nation does this is a political and policy choice, based on how the Chinese view the cost and risk-benefit at the time.

Beijing has accused Washington of supporting Taiwan’s independence vowing to ‘crush’ any such attempt.

Back in May, U.S. President Joe Biden said China was “flirting with danger” by flying warplanes close to Taiwan. The President has vowed to protect the island militarily if required.

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