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U.S. investor completes $5.4bn Chelsea FC takeover



Chelsea Football Club is under new ownership, with U.S. billionaire Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital behind the $5.4bn takeover

Signed, sealed, delivered. The Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital consortium have been chosen as the preferred bidder, after a lengthy sale process.

The Chelsea Football Club believes “the Board and the Boehly/Clearlake group have a shared vision for the future of Chelsea Football Club.”

Todd Boehly

The club announced the news after months of doubts and legal uncertainty because of Russian sanctions rules.

Former owner Roman Abramovich has now completed the sale and ended his 19-year reign of the company.

The west moved to sanction Russia and its people, including oligarchs living abroad, amid the war in Ukraine. 

Abramovich was then sanctioned by the UK Government, meaning the club operated within the constraints of the General Licence, until a new owner was found.

Roman Abramovich. Photo credit: The Sun

The sanctions also presented unique and unforeseen challenges to the sale process, and the selection was extremely thorough, with the club sifting through 250 bids.

In order to complete the transaction, the club needed approvals from all stakeholders and the U.K. Government. 

The money from the purchase will eventually go to a humanitarian charity to help the victims after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Abramovich will not benefit from the sale, despite pouring millions of his own wealth into the club. 

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World Athletics bans transgender women in female category events



Any transgender athlete, who has gone through male puberty, won’t be allowed to compete in female world ranking competitions

World Athletics has banned transgender women from competing in the female category at international events.

Any transgender athlete, who has gone through male puberty, won’t be allowed to compete in female world ranking competitions.

The governing body’s President says the decision was guided by the principle to protect the female category.

“Decisions are always difficult when they involve conflicting needs and rights between different groups, but we continue to take the view that we must maintain fairness for female athletes above all other considerations,” said Lord Coe.

“We will be guided in this by the science around physical performance and male advantage which will inevitably develop over the coming years.

“As more evidence becomes available, we will review our position, but we believe the integrity of the female category in athletics is paramount.”

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Goalkeeper Leandro Requena scores longest range goal of all-time



The ball travelled 101 metres, if it is ratified by Guinness World Records

Argentine goalkeeper Leandro Requena has scored one of the longest-range goals of all-time.

With his Cobresal team leading 2-0 in the 77th minute against Colo-Colo in the Chilean football league, Requena took a goal kick.

Colo-Colo goalkeeper Brayan Cortes was well outside of his penalty area, and the ball bounced over his head and towards goal.

Cortes stumbled as he tried in vain to chase the ball as it crossed the line.

If the goal is ratified by Guinness World Records, it would break the record for the longest range goal in history.

The current record is 96.01 metres, set by Tom King in 2021 during a match between Newport County and Cheltenham Town in England’s fourth tier.

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Gary Lineker returns to ‘Match of the Day’ duties



Alan Shearer welcomed his co-host, describing it as a “really difficult situation”

Football commentator Gary Lineker is back at the BBC following last week’s controversy surrounding his views on the U.K. government’s asylum policy.

Welcoming Lineker back, fellow host Alan Shearer said it has been a “really difficult situation for everyone concerned.”

Lineker was taken off air following a critical tweet on the government’s asylum policy.

Last Saturday’s Match of the Day was broadcast without presenters or commentary and was only 20 minutes long – with many of Lineker’s BBC Sport colleagues walked out in “solidarity”.

The BBC has since said it will launch an independent review of its social media guidelines, particularly for freelancers like Lineker.

But, in the meantime, he is free to return to hosting duties.

At the start of the BBC’s live coverage of Manchester City v Burnley in the FA Cup on Saturday, Shearer addressed the elephant in the room.

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