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Twitter launches new eCommerce feature – here’s how it works:



You’ll soon be able to shop on Twitter

The social media platform is trialing a new feature that allows businesses to add a shopping section to the top of their profiles.

The “Shop Module” officially launched in the US today.

The feature will be offered to brands, businesses and other retailers, and give them the ability to showcase their products to Twitter users directly on the business’ profile.

Users will then be able to scroll through a carousel of product images in the module and tap through on a product they’re interested in purchasing.

This opens up the business’s website inside the Twitter app itself, where the customer can learn more about the product in question and opt to make a purchase.

Many brands are backing the new feature as the pandemic continues to drive online shopping.

The Shop Module will appear in a new, dedicated space at the top of a supported Twitter profile, which can be seen by US users in English on iOS devices.

Anthony Lucas is reporter, presenter and social media producer with ticker News. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Professional Communication, with a major in Journalism from RMIT University as well as a Diploma of Arts and Entertainment journalism from Collarts. He’s previously worked for 9 News, ONE FM Radio and Southern Cross Austerio’s Hit Radio Network. 

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Australian spy chief unveils ‘top secret’ data cloud project



The Australian spy chief, in a rare public appearance, disclosed a groundbreaking ‘top secret’ data cloud project that boasts interoperability with the United States and the United Kingdom.

This clandestine initiative aims to revolutionize data sharing and intelligence cooperation among the three nations.

The project, shrouded in secrecy until now, is designed to enhance information exchange, data analysis, and collaborative efforts in countering global threats. It leverages cutting-edge encryption and cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive information shared across borders.

While specific details remain classified, the spy chief emphasised the project’s potential to strengthen the intelligence alliance between Australia, the US, and the UK. Experts speculate that this development could significantly enhance the collective ability to combat cyber threats, terrorism, and espionage on a global scale.

With international implications, this revelation raises questions about the scope and capabilities of this unprecedented data cloud project, as well as the implications for global security and intelligence cooperation.

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Apple plans new iPad and M3 MacBook Air amid sluggish sales



Apple is gearing up to launch new iPads and a revamped M3 MacBook Air in a bid to counteract lackluster sales, according to insider sources.

The tech giant, known for its innovation, is looking to rejuvenate its product lineup and entice consumers with exciting updates.

The new iPads are expected to feature improved performance and enhanced display technology, offering users a more immersive experience for both work and entertainment. Meanwhile, the M3 MacBook Air is set to receive a significant hardware upgrade, ensuring it remains a popular choice for professionals and students alike.

Apple’s decision to refresh these products comes amidst concerns over slowing sales growth.

The company faces increasing competition in the tablet and laptop markets, prompting a need for compelling new offerings.

These anticipated releases are sure to generate excitement among Apple enthusiasts and could potentially drive sales in the coming months. However, the company faces the challenge of meeting consumer expectations and standing out in a crowded market.

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ChatGPT should not be used to look up medication, pharmacists say



There’s concern about the way people are using ChatGPT to source information surrounding medication.

Pharmacists at Long Island University posed 39 drug-related questions to OpenAI’s free chatbot — with only 10 of the responses deemed “satisfactory”.

This means ChatGPT flubbed 75% of questions about prescription drug usage.

For the other 29 questions, the responses either did not directly address the question, were inaccurate or incomplete.

The researchers asked ChatGPT to provide references with each of its responses for verification purposes.

But only eight of 39 replies included references.

OPenAI does warn users that its technology isn’t fine-tuned enough to give accurate medical advice.


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