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Tragic death of 54-year-old soccer ‘super agent’ Mino Raiola



Mega soccer agent Mino Raiola has died at the age of 54

Renowned soccer ‘super agent’ Mino Raiola has died at the age of 54, with no cause of death announced yet.

Although, there are reports Raiola had been living with a serious illness since January. His family confirmed the tragic news via social media. 

“In infinite sorrow, we share the passing of the most caring and amazing Football Agent that ever was.

“Mino touched so many lives through his work and wrote a new chapter in the history of modern football. His presence will forever be missed,”

“Mino’s mission of making football a better place for players will continue with the same passion.”


raiola family statement

Raiola was arguably one of the most influential agents in the soccer world, representing some of the biggest names in the game including Paul Pogba and Erling Haaland.

He was also responsible for some of the most expensive transfers of all time.

Mino Raiola with Paul Pogba. Photo Credit: Juvefc

Raiola spoke many languages including Italian, Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

He was iconic in the soccer community and renowned for his knowledge and ability to take players to unimaginable success.

Tributes are now flowing in for the beloved soccer superagent.

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Fans swamp Argentine restaurant to see Lionel Messi



The footballer needed a police escort to leave the venue

A steakhouse in Buenos Aires was mobbed by hundreds of fans who wanted to get a glimpse of their favourite football megastar.

People rushed to the exclusive Don Julio restaurant eager to get a glimpse of the man who led Argentina to its third World Cup title.

Messi eventually needed a police escort to leave.

Fans on the street corner chanted his name as police officers accompanied the 35-year-old to his vehicle while keeping fans at bay.

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World Athletics bans transgender women in female category events



Any transgender athlete, who has gone through male puberty, won’t be allowed to compete in female world ranking competitions

World Athletics has banned transgender women from competing in the female category at international events.

Any transgender athlete, who has gone through male puberty, won’t be allowed to compete in female world ranking competitions.

The governing body’s President says the decision was guided by the principle to protect the female category.

“Decisions are always difficult when they involve conflicting needs and rights between different groups, but we continue to take the view that we must maintain fairness for female athletes above all other considerations,” said Lord Coe.

“We will be guided in this by the science around physical performance and male advantage which will inevitably develop over the coming years.

“As more evidence becomes available, we will review our position, but we believe the integrity of the female category in athletics is paramount.”

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Goalkeeper Leandro Requena scores longest range goal of all-time



The ball travelled 101 metres, if it is ratified by Guinness World Records

Argentine goalkeeper Leandro Requena has scored one of the longest-range goals of all-time.

With his Cobresal team leading 2-0 in the 77th minute against Colo-Colo in the Chilean football league, Requena took a goal kick.

Colo-Colo goalkeeper Brayan Cortes was well outside of his penalty area, and the ball bounced over his head and towards goal.

Cortes stumbled as he tried in vain to chase the ball as it crossed the line.

If the goal is ratified by Guinness World Records, it would break the record for the longest range goal in history.

The current record is 96.01 metres, set by Tom King in 2021 during a match between Newport County and Cheltenham Town in England’s fourth tier.

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